Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TIDE vintage styled T-shirts...

Have you seen these vintage styled TIDE T-shirts? They are really nice!!! And the big plus is that when you purchase one of these t-shirts (buy 2 or more and get free standard shipping!) you are contributing to Tide's "Loads of Hope" program, which got its start during the Hurricane Katrina disaster... (Just click on the colored words above to order a t-shirt or to read about the Loads of Hope program)

I'm happy to spread the word about this program. I also happen to be a huge Tide fan... It's the only detergent I use... I love trying out all their different varieties and fragrances (these are the two I have on hand right now)...

... and last year I posted about how heavenly some thrift store linens smelled after washing them in Tide's Vanilla & Lavender... I really do love all of the Tide detergents!
Now I'm going to go check out those t-shirts!! I can't decide if I like the blue, red, green, or yellow best!! If I wear the red one out in the garden this summer, maybe I'll attract more hummingbirds!!!
Now after all this talk about Tide, I think I'll go put in a load of laundry!!!
Comment Update: I absolutely love the scent of the Tide's that I use, but you're right, many people don't like scents or fragrances in their detergents. Here's a link to Tide Free if anyone is interested in checking out their non-scented detergent!


Margie said...

They do look like nice shirts, and what a great cause too!

I LOVE the vanilla lavendar scent, too!

Have a lovely day!

kathi said...

Tide is the only detergent I use too! What a great idea! I'm not sure which color I'll order either?
I like them all!

Anonymous said...

Tide does a great job of cleaning very very dirty clothes, but we simply cannot use it.... it's too strong for our skin, causes rashes, and the heavy fragrances of these products make us sneeze.. sorry, cannot use it. But the T-shirt program is nice. :-)

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I just love the scent of lavender, I'll buy any product with that scent!
Old linens can smell so musty, I love it when they've been freshly laundered; and NOTHING is better than drying them in sunshine so they smell like the outdoors. Unfortunately I can't have a clothesline, so I have to be satisfied with a small folding wooden rack, but it does the job!

A New England Life said...

I am a Tide person too! Nothing else will do, even if it is expensive. Love Downey also!

I'll have to check out the t-shirts. I'd heard about them someplace else a while ago but can't remember where it was. Speaking of laundry, I sure have plenty of it to do!!!

onno david said...

I use tide detergent. These vintage Tide t-shirts are to support the Loads of Hope program. The T-shirt program is nice.