Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If you're happy and you know it....

... raise your hands!! This little guy is in a state of pure bliss, that's for sure! If you need a smile today, just click the photo to watch this short (under a minute) video...

I also received this lovely Bella award from Allison at A Little Shabby, Always Chic.
You must visit Allison's blog, filled with birds and cloches and flowers and glitter ... a delightful place to spend some time browsing!!! You'll be glad you did! Thank you for the award, Allison!
I am passing it along to the many friends whose blogs I love to visit!!!


kathi said...

Ha! Love that video! My son posted it on Facebook yesterday!
What a hoot!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Now wouldn't we all loved go be massaged like that? He is totally diggin' it!!

Congrats on your sweet award.


Anonymous said...

That video is a scream. So darn cute it is.

Chatelaine said...

That slow loris is so adorable. Watching it does make me happy!