Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Dining: Some things never change...

... and some things change every year.

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(Christmas 2008)
The centerpieces on the table never change; nor do the bay window decorations. But every year I use a different tablecloth, runner, or quilt to give the dining room a different look. This year I'm using a peachy-pink lap quilt over the girls' old repurposed canopy covers. (The quilt was purchased at TJ Maxx several years ago when I first got the cottage bug.)

(Christmas 2007)
Last year I used a vintage inspired tablecloth with cheerful green stripes and red roses.

(Christmas 2006)
In 2006 I used a lap quilt with red roses and a striped, scalloped border. (It was also bought at TJ Maxx the same day I bought the quilt I'm using this year.)

(Christmas 2005)
In 2005 I used a blue table runner (from the Martha Stewart K-Mart collection) over a white tablecloth.

What doesn't ever change are my table centerpieces. I couldn't find a nice cottage-white Christmas tree in my price range several years ago, so I bought an inexpensive grapevine tree and covered it with a satin remnant, some beaded garland, and then placed it on a silver pedestal (from Target) and topped it with a silver sputnik ornament.

These reindeer also make an appearance on the table every year. I purchased them at Target several years ago during an after Christmas sale (don't you just love that place??). I thought they were so neat (I still do!!) - especially the little prisms hanging from their antlers!

This little doll has made an appearance every Christmas since the early 90's. (Does anyone else remember how popular animated figures were back then?) I had to buy her back then because she reminded me so much of my two girls, who when they were little, also had long wavy blond hair...

(See what I mean? These are my real life dolls, now 19 and 23!)
However several years ago, I was faced with a bit of a problem... I still wanted to put the doll out each Christmas, but her little red coat and tartan plaid cap & dress just didn't blend in with our new cottage colors, so it was time for an extreme makeover!!

I found a pale pink infant sleeper at Wal Mart that was the perfect fit! A little dove in her hand, a snowflake hung from her fingertips...

... and voila! I'll be able to use her for another 15 years (or more!)

And last, but not least, this is the little white tree that sits in the dining room bay window. Over the years I've purchased these bird ornaments (mostly from Target)...I love the way they look against the white branches...

Thanks for letting me share the decorations in our little dining room with you... and guess what?
It's almost Christmas!!


TattingChic said...

I love the chandelier-esque reindeer antlers!

Connie said...

Yesssssss, it is almost Christmas, sweet doll!! I'm so excited just getting the vintage decorations on our green tree last night! I love the quilt idea on the table. I'll have to try that for dinner Christmas day, honey. Just beautiful.......

Lady of the Mote said...

absolutely enchanting!

Kathleen said...

Love your ideas for freshning up holiday decorations. Yes, gotta love T J Maxx. It is my very favorite store. I really love the tree you did with the ribbon and beaded garland. Hope you are enjoying the pre-Christmas time...Kathleen

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Donna!
ALL your Christmas decor is fabulous! Your reindeer are gorgeous and the Christmas tree so creative, looks sooo expensive!
I loved the pictures of your mom! What a lovely lady she was. It takes time to heal and your words are perfect for the transition that takes place.
Have a fabulous Christmas sweet Donna!
Hugs, Sherry

Pat said...

Hi Donna!

Thanks for your congratulations and good wishes on the birth of our grandson!

Your home looks like a winter wonderland --so pretty!

Your two girls are adorable --both then and now!

Merry Christmas to you and your family --many blessings!

Hugs, Pat

Peggy. said...

Very pretty. I love the different looks that just changing the table cloth can make.

Have a great Christmas!


Cottage Rose said...

Hello; Thank you for sharing your lovely dinning room. How you transformed the sweet doll was just so curative she turned out great. I just love it all......... lol

Merry Christmas