Thursday, January 29, 2009

The early bird gets the...

... shaft!!! Our first robins arrived over the weekend, just in time for the nastiest weather of the season...

(click to enlarge photos)

"Mr. Robin, what on earth were you thinking, migrating back to New England in January!?!?" (I left this pic very large so you can see Mr. Robin, perched on the heated birdbath, if you click to enlarge the photo... Just follow the arrow!) I seem to remember as a kid that robins were considered one of the first signs of spring, but I've noticed over the past several years that they've been arriving earlier and earlier!

"Oh, no, Little Wren - not you, too!!! You've arrived in the middle of a snowstorm, and spring, with its abundance of insects, is nowhere in sight!"

"So find Mr. Robin and see if you two can cuddle together and keep warm until you find mates!"

Now here's a bird that looks right at home in the New England winter!

"Hello, Mr. Nuthatch!! I see you've spotted the crumbled suet cake I sprinkled over the feeder for you!"

Sweet, gentle mourning doves... They are such timid, beautiful birds. Usually when they spot me with my camera, they're gone... But this little guy must have been hungry because he just kept on eating after he spotted me.

"Hello, little junco! Although I won't miss winter, I will definitely miss you when you're gone... So we'll make the most of the next couple of months, until the longer days and warmer temps tell you it's time to spread your wings and fly away."

This little black-capped chickadee looks camouflaged amongst the seed and suet!

They are such feisty, brave little birds... They come right onto the deck in the summer to drink from the small birdbath we keep there... (ahhhh, summer... what a sweet word!!!)

It seems as though every time I glanced toward the dining room window while getting supper ready, I'd see a different bird at the feeder. So I grabbed my camera and within a short period of time got photos of all these guys. Blue jays and cardinals were also there, but they never came back once I had my camera in hand (Murphy's law)...

This is the first year we've had the screen feeder set up right outside the dining room window and I absolutely love it. Number one, I can fill it right through the window... no more trudging through the snow; and Number two, I get to watch these feathered friends up close and personal!! Another thing to be grateful for!



tam said...

Aww Donna you lucky girl you-what fun to watch those little beauties! I love the big feeder at the window-great idea! And does it seem like winters are getting longer or am I crazy? ~Smiles~Tam!

Tracey said...

Well Donna,, what a crowd you have there!! We have had lots of visitors too! Lots of blue jays and chickadees. I love the little chickadee. He reminds me of Maine,, oh it is our state bird... so we try to keep them fed all winter long too. Beautiful pictures of God's creatures.

Kathleen said...

Mr Robin seems a bit confused. I love watching the birds, and you have great photos. I have always loved the Chick-a-dees (state bird of Maine) They are always brave and hardy. My cat loves to watch the birds too. He actually cries when he sees them. Do your cts enjoy the bird show, too? Hugs

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi Donna~ ~ ~
We have had a flock of Robins all winter here. It's really strange. Maybe they were thinking it would be a mild winter but It's been the coldest here in PA. for some years. We are feeding them too.
We also have a Carolina Wren like yours. Just 1. Hope he/she finds a partner in the Spring.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Donna!

I love the idea of having a feeder right outside your window like that. Is it a feeder you purchased or one you made? I really like watching all the different birds. We have alot of bluejays and cardinals here in the winter. I don't know how they survive, it's been extra cold here this winter. Great photos Donna!

Hugs, Sherry

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Hello! Nice to meet you :) I see you have a biiiiig heart! I added you in my sidebar too :)

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I have so enjoyed your birds up close, that I plan on putting one of those screen feeders outside my dining room window.

I always miss the juncos too.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I always get a kick out of the critter and bird visitors you get :0). I enjoy seeing them especially since the variety here is so limited.
Enjoy your day!

Susan S. said... have the perfect bird watching place! I bet those birdies are really thankful your such a nice hostess and put out such a good spread.

Deborah said...

This is a post after my own heart. I love these little winged creatures. We have most all birds all winter - they don't seem to mind the cold. I have noticed however, that they were more abundant in the past.

I see your Christmas Cactus - that will be my Pink Saturday post...and tomorrows Family Foto post will be about a bird...a very special bird!

J.G. said...

The doves are my favorite. They are so quiet and sweet, and have such a cute bustling walk.

Lovely shots of all the birds!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Donna; What wonderful photos you took. I would love to be able to have a feeder like that, but sadly there is no where to put it... So I have to see them from afar, or on your blog..... lol thanks for the beautiful birdies....


Life on Bonnie Lane said...

You're right about the birds flying back early. I have seen them as soon as February the last couple years. I wonder if it has to do with global warming? Anyhow, I really do feel bad for all the birds in this snow and ice. I have a birdfeeder as well. Hope they are getting enough to eat!


sunhapol said...

Nice bird watching Donna. You have a perfect place for your bird feeder outside your window. Beautiful shot of the birds also.