Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The studio window is a hit with the plants and kitties...

The large window in my new studio office is proving to be a hit 
with both the plants and the kitties!

(watercolor filter)
I picked up this cute "Blue Chalk Sticks" succulent the other day.
It was the perfect fit for this little blue green pot I've had for quite some time now.

The Infant of Prague might not stay here permanently as Baby tends to like this spot. And even though the statue is vintage and already quite chippy, I don't want Baby adding any more distressing to it!

This is a perfect window for Baby to sit in as she watches the buds burst forth as spring arrives! As you can see, I keep rearranging things in here to make sure
everything is Baby-proof!

I purchased this jade plant last fall when Amanda and I took a trip to Woodstock, New York. While there, we stopped at a yard sale and the woman was selling TONS of plants she'd started herself. She clearly had a green thumb as everything was gorgeous. I'm happy to report that I've not only not killed it, but it is thriving. I do need to find a nice pot for it, but it's an odd size so I haven't found one yet.

Until I do, it sits in the original black plastic pot in a tinfoil dish.

Tiger also enjoys looking out the window. On her trips back from the litter box 
(located on the floor in the corner of the room)...

...  she always pauses on the top step to survey the goings on outside of her little world.

If something of interest is occurring outside (dogs being walked or cars going by), her attention stays focused on that even when she has returned to her bed.

As Baby was looking out the window today, she got spooked. 
Baby does not like it when the UPS truck or the garbage truck...

....  or the street sweeper comes down 'her' street. Here in New England, after tons of sand has been dumped due to the many winter storms, the street sweeper is a sure sign that spring has arrived.

Of course as soon as the street sweeper was gone, she was back up on the desk checking out the smallest details of 'our' new studio office!

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Studio Office Reveal. Part 3.

Another quick little update on the office.
Talk about an eclectic array of desks in my new studio/office! 
One of the latest additions is this new white IKEA ALEX desk, which will serve as my painting desk.

The other two desks are an antique writing desk and a mid-70's faux wood/file cabinet desk.
Three desks from three eras is all this tiny room can handle!

This is what the room looked like last week...

... before replacing the apothecary chest with bookcases. Much more functional!

They give me some much needed storage space and a place for my printer.

Of course Baby insisted on 'helping' while I was putting books in the bookcases.

She's been having a great time investigating all of the changes made over the weekend. 
I was able to use 2 floor lamps from other parts of the house, so between those and my OTT-Lite, hopefully the lighting situation will be good enough for painting.

The room still has a long way to go. It needs a rug, curtains, and all of the artwork hung.
But as I've said before, we move pretty s-l-o-w in this household, so all in good time.

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I hope you all have a wonderful week.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Studio Office Reveal. Part 2.

The studio office setup continues!

As you can see, Baby has made herself right at home in my computer/transcribing corner.

Please be careful of the bird lamp, Baby!

Last week I showed you the fabulous vintage green writing desk, parakeet lamp, and chalkware Mary statue that sits on one wall of the studio/office.

I'm afraid the computer/transcribing corner lacks the same vintage charm.

It consists of a small faux wood desktop set on metal legs and an old beige file cabinet. I've had it longer than I can remember. (The jury is still out on whether I'll try to paint the file cabinet white. The ideal time to do that would have been before it was moved into the room, so my guess is it will forever more be boring beige.)

The wicker 3-drawer storage unit was purchased at Target and the bird lamp at The Christmas Tree Shop, both maybe about 5 years ago?

The computer/transcribing desk sits next to the bedroom's one window (which is quite large) so it's a very bright room, although it's hard to tell on this overcast day!

One of the nicest things about this new room is that it came with an awesome roommate - Tiger!
Tiger sleeps on Amanda's old bed, which is currently across the room from my computer desk. Since Amanda often comes home from the city for visits, she still sleeps in this bed with Tiger.

They've been doing that for over 20 years, since 1993 when we got Tiger as a kitten.
(I love this picture!)

The small bedroom that I just moved out of (Court's old room) needs to be thoroughly de-cluttered and have the wallpaper stripped. After that it will get a fresh coat of paint and have the 33-year old wall to wall carpet torn up and new hardwood floors put down (hooray!).

Once that is done, the twin bed will be moved into that room...

... and bookcases will line the wall of my new office where the bed now stands. Or at least that's the plan.
(I love this picture of Tiger. I caught her just as she was about to yawn!)

Tiger will be 21 years old this August (or as our vet likes to say, of legal age!)
As Tiger has aged, it's gotten harder for her to get around, so a makeshift set of stairs (round storage boxes and an old vanity stool) allows her to get up and down from the bed that she has always slept on. Her food and water bowls have also been moved onto the bed. And since it was also becoming more difficult for her to get to the litter box down in the basement, we set one up in this room for her.

Tiger loves to hang out in her "Tiger Den" that sits atop the bed (a cardboard box with a blanket lining and an overhang of blankets on the roof). I'm hoping she'll want to stay roommates with me and have her "Den" set up on the floor, which would actually be so much easier for her. But if she rejects that idea and insists on sleeping on top of the bed, as she's done her whole life, I'll hold off on bringing the bookcases in and just keep things as they are with the bed in my office.

In my last post, you may have noticed the baby gate set up in the doorway of my new office studio. As I mentioned, we set up a litter box for Tiger in this room since it's so difficult for her to go up and down the stairs to the basement.

The gate was put up to keep this handsome boy out. For those of you who do not own both dogs and cats... For some very strange reason, dogs consider the little droppings in a litter box something of a gourmet treat. Yes, (gag), you read that right. So this gate is the equivalent of a "Restaurant Closed" sign for Mr. J.
Who knew we'd be needing it again so soon?

Of course Baby isn't going to let a "Baby" gate stop her from getting in. Nope. 
The Baby gate is clearly not Baby proof!
She just leaps over in a single bound.

All the pieces you see in the background (two of Amanda's old bookcases and a small apothecary chest) are sitting here temporarily until I move yet another bookcase from my old office in, but I first have to give it a fresh coat of paint.

So, yes, it's a bit of a cluttered mess in this back corner right now, but all in good time! Hopefully I'll have more to share soon!

Have a great week, everyone!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

A peek at my studio office reveal ... Something Old, Old, Old and Something New

We have finally started moving me into the bigger of the two bedrooms
 that used to belong to our girls.
(It seems like just yesterday that these were their childhood rooms.)

There's not too much to show you at this point as we're in the VERY beginning stages of making this my studio/office. Unlike others who move at the 'speed of light,' we move at the 'speed of snail.' In my old office, the computer was on top of this desk but it will now be used for writing and paying bills.
This photo was taken last night, right after we moved the desk in. 

And this photo was taken today with shadows created by the late afternoon sun. The "something old, old, old" in my title refers to this gorgeous old desk, my beautiful chalkware Mary, and the fabulous parakeet lamp on the desk.

The "something new" is the reduced-price chair I picked up at Target a few weeks ago.

I found this old antique desk at a sidewalk sale about ten years ago.
It's one of those rare pieces that you just know if you pass it by, it won't be there the next time you go back, so I grabbed it on the spot that day!

I know the extremely distressed finish would have sent some running for a sander and can of paint. But I'll borrow a quotation from Mark Darcy when he told Bridget Jones how he felt about her..

... because truth be told, those were my precise feelings when I spotted said desk...

"Perhaps, despite appearances, I like you very much.... Just as you are."
Yes, this desk and I were 'meant to be' as much as Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones :)

Now you might have noticed this beautiful lamp sitting atop the desk. 

Isn't it positively the most perfect lamp ever for my old desk? I mean just look at the colors!
I paired it with this old, broken shade I've hung onto for some reason or other. 
Perhaps this was the reason for hanging onto it?
I have to say, it's growing on me!

I have to thank Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage and Jean at Horsefeathers of New Paltz for helping me bring these gorgeous parakeets all the way from New York to my little office!

Thank you both so very much!

And last, but most definitely not least, is this gorgeous old chalkware Mary statue. Since most of my studio office will be decorated with vintage Catholic pieces, she's just perfect.
This photo was taken last night, right after the move...

... and this photo was taken in the late afternoon sun.

So that's a peek at the very beginning stages of my office. I have my computer/transcribing desk set up over by the window and will share that next. I'll also be setting up a painting table/desk in that area eventually, when we really determine what size will work in this room. And, of course, no artwork will be hung until I'm 100% certain of the room arrangement. I'm also going to be on the lookout for some kind of rug for underneath the painting desk. (These new hardwood floors definitely need to be protected from this messy painter!)

Now to figure out how to keep Baby away from that parakeet lamp and Mary statue!

Have a great weekend, everyone!