Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Studio Office Progress Continues...

Little by little the studio office is taking shape. 
(I'm a slow mover - it's been years in the making!)
I know I've shared photos of this writing desk before, 
a favorite "Sidewalk Sale" find from many years ago.

I paired it with this antique St. Cecilia framed print, which was also a great find.
My good blogging friend, Claudia @ Mockingbird Hill Cottage
put me in touch with an antique store in her neck of the woods so I 
could purchase this vintage parakeet lamp. It was love at first sight!

The chair was a floor sample from Target a few years ago
and the unicorn bookends were found at Savers.

Little by little the room has come together.
The black floor lamp by the desk was found at a yard sale.
The gold crown on the closet door was from TJ Maxx.
The white desk lamp (there are two of them) were from Target.
The bookcases in the corner were part of a huge Craigslist score
and the black and tan rug was from

"You know who" saw me taking photos and, being the ham she is,
decided to strike her best 'Top Cat Model' pose.

 Baby then decided to channel her inner unicorn because, as she reminds
us each and every day, she is quite a magical and mystical creature!

I hope you are all enjoying the 'in like a lion, out like a lamb' journey into Spring!