Thursday, August 28, 2014

She's of legal age...

That's what Tiger's vet says. I love it.

Yes, our sweet girl officially turned 21 years old this month!

We adopted both Tiger and her brother, Spotty, in late September of 1993.

Amanda picked Tiger and Court picked Spotty.

They were so tiny they both fit into a Trick or Treat bucket!

The cutest little kittens ever!

By December they had outgrown the pumpkin bucket and moved into the spacious Barbie horse barn!

When Tiger was a young cat, she enjoyed leaping atop several pieces of furniture to reach the beams in our family room. She loved to hang out there and watch the comings and goings below!

Of course all that activity can make a girl tired, so she'd curl up on a pillow in the LR bow window and take a cat nap.

She is such a gentle, sweet cat.

For the past several years, Tiger has chosen to spend most of her time in Amanda's old bedroom (which is now my studio office).

So Tiger and I are now roommates. 

And she still sleeps on the same twin bed...

... that she slept on that very first night, 21 years ago.

And Tiger's very special person often comes home from the city to visit, and once again, they both sleep in that very same bed!

So Happy 21st Birthday, our sweet little Tiger!!!!!! We love you so very much!