Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring has sprung...

 Finally! Spring has arrived in New England and the yard is rejoicing after a long, hard winter.

 This is our lone daffodil among an iris patch. I've posted photos of it in past years, usually blooming in the early part of April as opposed to now! (Everything is running late this year.) As you can see, the Adirondack chairs have have also been unearthed and set outside.

The maple tree leaves are bursting forth...

...and the hoppa crab trees are COVERED with blossoms this year.

We never know, from year to year, how bountiful the apple blossoms will be. This year looks like it will be spectacular.

The hostas around the mailbox are just starting to poke their little heads through the soil.

And the rhododendron bush is covered with buds.

The clematis on the light post is coming back to life...

...and pretty soon these buds will be gorgeous blue flowers.

And speaking of blue flowers, these little guys are the first to bloom every spring. I planted them so long ago I have no recollection of what they are.

But there is no mistaking the bleeding heart bush. Once its stems start poking through...

...it blooms in record speed.

On the wildlife front, I was very excited to see the first chipmunk in our yard today. They're such a huge part of our summer enjoyment out on the patio.

I hope you are all enjoying beautiful spring weather wherever you are...


Thursday, April 25, 2013

A potpourri post...

 In other words, a bit of this, that, and the other...

After receiving an email from a local friend last night that she had spotted her first hummingbird, I made sure to get my feeders out this morning. Lord knows there's not a single blooming flower in our yard for them to visit!

The past few days have been spectacular. It's been wonderful being able to dry clothes outside without worrying about them freezing.

Our handsome boy continues to make remarkable progress after his emergency surgery (spleen and right eye removal). He is, however, in desperate need of grooming (both bathing and a haircut).

He has an appointment with his vet tomorrow to get the "all clear" for a visit to the groomers. Stitches and staples were removed weeks ago and incisions are healing beautifully, so I think he'll get the green light.

Back in November I shared this silly compilation of two owl prints I was working on...

Yesterday the UPS truck pulled up with the actual prints from my publisher.

As always, they did an amazing job with the printing.

And speaking of art prints...

This "God Bless Our Home" print, as well as three others in my Etsy art shop have been tagged as Boston Fundraiser prints. I'm donating the purchase price of these prints to The One Fund in Boston, whose monies will be donated to those who were so horrifically affected by the bombing at the Marathon. If you're interested, here's a link to the four fundraiser prints:
Have a beautiful weekend, everyone.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


After a very cold and bitter winter, yesterday promised to be a spectacular day here in Massachusetts with sunshine and mild temps. And, of course, Patriot's Day is always an exciting day for the city of Boston with the running of the Marathon.
(past photos of Boston I've shared on my blog)

I had just pulled into the driveway from grocery shopping yesterday afternoon when I received a text. Without reading it, I gathered up my groceries and headed into the house.

By the time I reached the kitchen and put my bags down, two more texts had arrived in rapid succession.

Text 1: Have you seen the news?
Text 2: Someone set off a bomb at the finish line
Text 3: Some are dead

Just as I will never forget where I was or how I heard about September 11th or JFK being shot, I will never forget where and how I heard this news.

How bittersweet those texts were because they came from my daughter who lives in Boston, and who I knew was at the Marathon with friends, cheering on all the dedicated runners.  Unlike a few years ago when she watched the Marathon, this time she was nowhere near the finish line.

I called her immediately and we cried on the phone together. I only remember saying, "Oh, my God," over and over, while she spoke. My prayers of thanks that she was okay were mingled with prayers and tears for those who are not, and for their loved ones. 

We are heartbroken and our thoughts and prayers go out to everybody affected by yesterday's events.