Thursday, August 21, 2008

The bedroom grows up....

This was a recent post of Court's old bedroom many, many years ago... In split entries, the third bedroom is often closet-sized (in our case, just over 7' x 9')... For 16 years, that was Court's bedroom so a few years ago she asked if she could turn the (much larger) family room downstairs into her bedroom...

The reward for putting up with that tiny room for so many years is that she now has the largest bedroom in the house, with its own bath! She turned a dreary basement room into a cheerful bedroom suite! The old twin bed was replaced with a queen platform bed. We raised the floor in the bedroom section and put down carpeting so her tootsies would stay warm, and we replaced the old fluorescent lights with new fixtures.. (Can you tell that The Notebook is one of her favorite movies?)

We put an electric 'log' heater into the fireplace for those extra cold mornings. (And isn't Spotty cute? He loves watching the Chips through the window!)... We bought four tower storage units and placed two vertically on either side of the fireplace with a third placed horizontally on top; the fourth is in the corner. (And of course I'm itching to paint that brick white!!)

This picture was taken before we put in the new light fixtures and before we replaced the ancient carpeting with black & white vinyl flooring in the sitting area (you can see a bit of the new flooring in the top 2 photos)...

And just like me, Court likes to rearrange things (like benches, pillows, throw rugs, etc.) The white chenille spread is covering an old settee whose upholstery has seen better days.

This is her bathroom. I love the champagne and black color scheme she used for the shower curtain, floor tiles, and accessories.

I think she did a great job on her bedroom and bathroom... Yup, I think decorating is definitely in her genes!!



Joanne Kennedy said...

How cute! It's almost like her own little apartment. She just needs a microwave and refrigerator and you won't ever see her again. She will live there all the time.

I bet she is loving it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks wonderful!! She definitely has talent!

Adrienne said...

What a great suite for Court! She did a great job putting things together. Great reward for being in a tiny room for years.

Kelly said...

Fantastic! She's got her own little haven down there now.

Michelle said...

How fun to get such a big bedroom! Looks like fun and I like the bathroom colors too!


Anonymous said...

It looks terrific!!! She may never want to move out......oops!


Crystal ~ CJO Glassware & Gifts said...

What a great room she has now! It's like being on her own without really being on her own. Tell Court we all said Job Well Done, and enjoy!

Connie said...

I think Court's done a fantastic job, sweetpea!! Her very first decorating job.... LOL

Cottage Rose said...

Wow Donna; Court did a amazing job, I think she has your genes. What a great bedroom for her, and how sweet of her Mom to let her. She is such a blessed young lady to have a great mom as you.


ps I am sure her dad is ok too. lol

Anonymous said...

wow you created her own little apartment down there, great job, she'll just love it

Life on the Edge said...

What a great job she did! She sure is taking after you. It's an adorable space. I bet she loves having friends visit her down there. It would be so great if all teens had a bathroom of their own! I especially like that little light that is hanging over the settee.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Donna

Court's room looks so comfortable and it is almost like a little apartment.... all she need is a kitchen and it's a NYC studio apartment.

I loved The Notebook movie too! Such a sweet but sad story.

Hugs, Pat

Rue said...

Hi Donna :)

What a great room! She did a beautiful job :)

I'm not showing Annie this or she'll have us moving her into our family room LOL