Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thievery through a pet door...

(click photo to play video)

To all my blogging friends... do NOT put your good mats (in my case, my vintage chenille scatter rugs) in front of a pet door!!!
(No, this isn't my house... just a cute video I found on-line that I couldn't resist sharing with you!!!)



Unknown said...

That was so cute. Raccoons look really cute. They seem smart, too.

Lisa & Alfie said...

That is just hysterical and the music couldn't be more perfect. Great chuckle to start off the day Donna! Thanks.
Lisa & Alfie

Adrienne said...

That is just too funny! Exactly why I don't have a pet door to the outside. We have one from the laundry room into the garage for the kitty to go to her litter box. We've had a terrible time with raccoons tearing up our lawn this summer. I can't wait to show my sweetheart this critter's antics. I've been positive that one of 'our' raccoons has been in my house when we had the patio door open and weren't in the room! If not, why would he come to the patio door night after night, stare inside at us and act like he wants in. I think he may have come in and found the cat food when Miss Savannah and us weren't looking. ~Adrienne~

Anonymous said...

I thought that little varment was stealing your door mat, then I read that it wasn't. Oh, that was too funny! Court is beautiful and that college looks so wonderful. We visited Boston a few years ago and I just loved it---so many gorgeous and historic buildings. I can't imagine a more terrific setting for a person's college days

Joanne Kennedy said...

Raccoons are so cute! I used to live in a place that the backyard went down to the wilderness and I had animals all the time coming to my yard. I fed most of them.

One night I saw some eyes peeking at me. A darling little raccoon was out there.

I grabbed some grapes and went outside and sat down. Pretty soon I noticed more and more eyes around me. I was surrounded by 5 raccoons.

One by one they came out and came up to me. Took the grapes and ate them.

I had so much fun. Did that for several nights until they stopped coming.

It wasn't until after that I found out how mean they can be. But to me, I will always love them.


pedalpower said...

Oh my, that's so cute. I saw another one time where a mom was leading her whole family through the pet door to eat the dog food out of the dog's bowl in the kitchen. Yikes. Makes me glad I don't have a pet door!

Victoria Lynn said...

Beautiful pics of Boston! I've been there once and loved that gorgeous city! You must be missing your precious daughter right now. Have a blessed weekend, Victoria Lynn

Anonymous said...

love it, just too funny!


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, that is too funny! Who would have thought. How clever wa he/she to find some new bedding. lol Have a lovely weekend.

Cindy said...

That is so funny! I wonder what he did with that rug?

Anonymous said...

That is so funny.... why did she want a rug..... for ever more.... oh maybe she needed it for her babies to be warm at night