Thursday, October 23, 2008

A (Costumed) Trip Down Memory Lane...

Since it's almost Halloween, I thought I'd share some of the costumes my girls once wore (they're now 19 and 22, but looking at these photos makes it seem like yesterday!)... I know many of you still have little ones, and some of these costume ideas are pretty inexpensive to put together!

(pirates - circa 1993)

I think these two pirates are way cuter than Captain Jack Sparrow, and talk about inexpensive costumes! And all I had to buy were the two eye patches. (The girls already had the black pants and we were able to raid everything else from the days when I worked out side the home … okay, stop laughing… yes, I did actually wear both of those blouses - and the scarves - and the necklaces… okay, you can laugh, I sure am!!)

(witch & cat – circa 1992)

That year, Amanda was a witch (in a very makeshift Halloween dress I made), and Court was her little black cat… The school they went to used to have the cutest Halloween parade, which is where this was taken…

(my little black cats – circa 1988 and 1992)

Amanda, the shy kitty, first had the ears & tail in ’88; then they were passed on to Court, the wild kitty, who used them in ‘92, adding a Halloween cape and some crazy Halloween socks!

(Indian maidens – circa 1991)

The idea for this costume came about when their dad returned from a trip to Colorado with headdresses for the girls… I got some cheap “faux suede” material at Wal Mart and made the simplest of dresses for them. We made "craft kit" bead necklaces and finished up the costumes with belts and moccasins (they both love moccasins to this day – maybe it started back then?)

(Nana & Grampa with girls - circa 1991)

Now here’s where I’m really going to come clean (or should I say dirty? Just look at that kitchen in the background!)… Mom & Dad had just returned from visiting relatives in Florida and they got the girls tom-toms for their costumes... Clearly this photo was never intended for a blog (did blogs even exist back then?) with that mess on the counters (that's what the kitchen looked like years before I took white paint to it!)... Mess or no mess, I love this photo of the girls with mom and dad…

I have one more set of costumes to share, but I’ll do that in another post as I’ve already rambled on too long...

Wishing you and yours the happiest of October memories...



Anne Fannie said...

Hi Donna, what cute photos of your girls. They grow up so fast don't they and you just wonder where the years went.
Love, Ann

Nola said...

What precious photos; if the background bothers you, you can blur it out with PhotoShop! Blogging has made me very conscious of everything in my photos, too, so I blur a lot out when I'm going to post.
Hey, I wore those poet shirts and peasant blouses, too. I probably still have a few in the back of the closet; I never throw things out!

Lisa & Alfie said...

Hi Donna,
My favorite picture is the kitty picture of Amanda where she is standing on the sides of her feet. Adorable! I remember doing that when I was little. Have a great day.
Lisa & Alfie

Joanne Kennedy said...

What a fun post. I may have to copy you and show Trinity's past costumes. I love to see the little ones all dressed up. So cute.


Anonymous said...

They are adorable. Isn't it nice you have so many dear pictures. And those costumes are precious. Don't every worry about the background. An active well used kitchen turns a house into a home. The picture of your parents and children is a treasured portrait. You can sense the joy. Thank you for posting them.

Life on the Edge said...

How cute! I'm going to be posting a similar blog on Halloween. I too didn't have a lot of money for Halloween costumes, but was able to come up with some great costumes, thanks to some creative sites I found online showing how to do it.

I just love the costumes you created, especially the Indian costumes!

Fret not about the kitchen counter in that last photo. Mine is much worse...always. Great pic of the girls with your folks! What a great memory.



Victoria Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing these cute pictures and fun memories! You were a great mom to make all those costumes for your girls!
Victoria Lynn

A New England Life said...

19 and 22? Oh how the years go by!

This is the first year my older daughter won't be trick or treating ... it's like the end of an era. I hope you enjoyed going through all the photo's. It sure does make you smile : )