Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sammy! What are you doing?????????

" zzzzz....zzzzzz....zzzzzzz"

"Uh oh..."

"Looks like she caught me..."

"Maybe if I hide behind this pole she won't see me."

No, Sammy, I can still see you!!! "What did you do to my flowers???? Where are they?"

"Ummmm... ummmm.... "

Okay, time for me to look really cute and endearing.... "Can we just pretend I'm in squirrel jail and have already served my time for destruction of property? Just promise me you won't take away my peanuts!"
(pre-Sammy photo)
Oh, Sammy... Okay, I can see that you look really sorry about digging up my flowers to sleep in the cool soil. It's been so danged hot and humid that I don't blame you. If I could fit in there, I'd join you :)

(Pre Sammy photo)
Yes, summer has arrived here in the Northeast! Wishing you all lazy, hazy, gorgeous summer days!!



Unknown said...

Sammy is so cute...no wonder you can't stay mad at him! Love his adventures.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Silly Sammy!

Anonymous said...

He's so cute and soooo naughty... What a little poser too.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Claudia said...

Oh, that Sammy! Too bad he's so cute -or you could stay mad at him! But gosh darn it, he is adorable! I love the adventures of Sammy! Keep them coming!

Lisa said...

Glad you can't stay mad at him long!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Oh Donna, he's a riot. You must have been laughing yourself silly.
Great Pix btw.
I've been away from the Enchanted Cottage far too long. I have to go check out your powder room makeover.
Mary Ellen

Unknown said...

Too cute!! We have the same problem here, with possums! But Im past thinking they are cute, they ate all my veges!

kathi said...

What a cute little critter, in spite of his mischief!

My Casa Bella said...

True animal lover........LOL. He is too cute, and it is so dang hot here in the Northeast. We've been spoiled up until this past Sunday....UGH I guess we can't complain.

cargol said...

Lucky Sammy that you are such an aniamal lover!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

That is just the cutest thing -- Your photographs and your Sammy story. I guess Sammy is out of jail by now. Your flowers in the little white flower stand are so pretty. I hope Sammy doesn't get them! Thanks for the smiles. laurie

Anonymous said...

Good morning from Roanoke! I commented yesterday, but I've changed my blog name from The Blue Ridge Gal to Snappy Finger so wanted to let you know. Stop by and see.


{oc cottage} said...

How funny! He is just adorable!!!!

m ^..^

Allidink said...

Awww poor Sammy lol. Poor flowers.

All the best,

*Ulrike* said...

At least Sammy was alone in his destruction of flowers. You know who to blame!!! My chickens will come down the hill and head straight to my flower beds! He does look pretty cute in his little "jail". At least that is cuter than the chicken wire I have around some flower beds now.