Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sweet Serenity ... my growing collection

My collection of Madonna statues began with a wall hanging of Mary that belonged to my mother.

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It hangs in my studio office along with this beautiful cross swag that I purchased from the lovely Lori at Katie's Rose Cottage a few years ago.

Over the years my Madonna collection has grown to include planters and statues found at second-hand stores. The one thing they all have in common is the sweet facial expressions... a sense of calm, of knowledge, of wisdom. I love how each artist or sculptor uses their own distinctive style to capture that sweet serenity...

My most recent thrift store find...

There are chips on baby Jesus' hand and on Mary's nose... Neither detract from the beauty of this statue.

Amanda saw this planter in a consignment store last year and bought it for me, knowing I would cherish it. I do.

The gold is worn along the edges of her veil in one area... I wonder if someone rubbed a finger along it while saying a daily prayer.

Chips on the halo add to the character and charm of this statue, found in a New Hampshire second hand store a couple of years ago.

One of my all-time favorite movies is "Under the Tuscan Sun," starring Diane Lane as Frances Mayes. At one point, after moving to Italy, Frances talks about her relationship with Mary. I love that piece of dialogue:
"Signor Martini wants me to have faith. Something I've never been good at, and now I'm even worse at. Not that I don't want faith. I'm jealous of the believers. But as a fallen-away Methodist, I do not expect to emerge from all of this a Catholic, although I admit some interior juggling is going on. To my surprise, I have become friendly with Mary. It started the night she stood by me through the storm, knowing full well I'm not a Catholic. Yet, somehow, she seems more like Mary, my favorite aunt, than Santa Maria. Aunt Mary is everywhere here, her calm presence assuring us that all things will go on as they have before."
Mmmm... a calm presence... That's how I feel about my little collection of "Mary's, Aunt Mary's, Santa Maria's, Madonna's" ... they are, indeed, a calm presence.

Happy Monday, everyone! And thank you ALL for the wonderful birthday wishes for Courtney!!!


Susan said...

Love your very unique collection of Marys, Donna. Really enjoyed looking at them. Keep posting them as you acquire more. Sincerely, Susan

Southern Lady said...

Love your collection! Carla

Elaine said...

They are all so lovely, gentle, peaceful. What a nice collection and so sweet of your daughter to add to it for you.

I do love that movie too.

A timely post for Holy Week.

Angela said...

Just beautiful. The one on the wall with that cross swag made me gasp with delight..oh my goodness....

Claudia said...

Donna, your collection is beautiful. I imagine you feel peaceful each time you gaze upon one of your treasures. The cross swag is simply gorgeous.

I'm happy that you've posted - I've been missing you.


Jean Tuthill said...

Hi Donna, that is a beautiful collection you have. I love that movie, too. Have a wonderful week.

Susan said...

I love the movie Under The Tuscan Sun and have seen it over and over again, maybe 20 times. Like Frances, I'm not Catholic in the true sense of the word, but I love the Madonna heads. May have to start collecting them myself. (Catholic, I've heard, means Universal, so in a sense all Christians are Catholic.. but don't tell my mother!)

Susan at Charm of the Carolines

Lisa said...

Lovely! I know you get such strength from them!
Hugs, Lisa

Joanne Kennedy said...

Every time I see a statute of Mary I think of you. Ever since you showed your beautiful garden statue I remember you every time I see one. It's a nice thought to have :)

Do you only collect the heads for inside?


Joyce said...

Your collection is lovely. I remember when I was in school the nuns would have a sale for Christmas and I would buy a ceramic piece every year for my Mom. My Mom saved each one but when the house was sold I have no idea where those Madonnas went?

Brenda Pruitt said...

Such serenity on all the faces.

Terra said...

I got goosebumps seeing all of your pretty Marys. They are so beautiful and spirit lifting, and you are wise to have gathered them.
I have one Mary, a concrete garden sculpture and she has her own Mary garden under a pink rose bush.
I love this collection of yours and the quote from Frances Mayes.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Your Madonna collection is gorgeous! Hope you & your's have a wonderful Easter Donna!

Jennifer said...

I like that part about Mary from Tuscan Sun too...but then, I was raised catholic, with an aunt who was a Franciscan nun, so Mary has always been in my life.

I have statues, prints, and other Mary and different saint collectibles. I especially like the older chalkware. Those busts, and planters, are great to collect because they are so plentiful in thrift stores and at flea markets. Yours is a nice little collection, so nice to meet someone else who likes them!

The face on your outside garden mary is very pretty - that is usually a deciding factor for me when buying, she has to have a pretty face.

J said...

Your collection is so beautiful! My favorite is the one that belonged to your mother.
I have always told my daughters that even though I love them with all my heart and would do anything to protect them, I am limited by my humanity. Their Blessed Mother, however, knows no such boundaries. On each of their school days, after they left, I knelt in front of my statue to say the rosary for not only the three of them, but for three other children - of Mary's choosing - who would struggle that day - academically or socially. She is truly a mother for all of us!