Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vintage Mary Garden Statue under the Cherry Tree

While doing some yard work the other day, I took a few minutes to snap photos of my all time favorite thrift store find, purchased two years ago in New Hampshire...

A very old, chippy garden statue of Mary.

Mary watches over all the plants and wildlife that make their homes in our little backyard.

We just recently uncovered her (in her delicate state, she needs to be protected from the harsh New England winters). I didn't even realize she had a spiderweb attached to her until the sun hit it just right.

Mary resides under our cherry tree. I love the contrast of her old, chippy blue paint against the pale, soft pink of the cherry blossoms, which happen to be in bloom right now.

We have had incredibly high winds in our region today with trees down and scattered power outages. I'm so thankful that I took these photos a few days ago....

... because I'm afraid the wind may have made short work of these beautiful blossoms, and when I look out the window tomorrow they'll be gone with the wind!

Please visit Cindy at My Romantic Home for her Show & Tell blog post and a list of all those participating in it!


Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

The statue is beautiful I am glad she survied you harsh winter this year. Thanks for sharing..

Carolyn said...

Great find! Chippy old statues add so much interest in the garden. I hope all your blossoms are not gone with the wind!


Angela said...

What a beautiful statue of Mary. I am on a hunt for one for my garden also. Love the tree too.

Hootin' Anni said...

Your garden must be so beautiful!!!

My show n tell is my "BLUE IRIS". I do hope you can find time to stop by and view the beauty!!

Lisa said...

She fills a tall order to protect that lovely tree, is almost as though I can reach thru and touch those petals. Good luck with that wind, we didn't mean to send it your direction but glad it is gone!

Em said...

I think the spider web looks like a sun beam shining down on her. We had winds here too, all my cabbage roses are naked now :(


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Warning, cancer!

Someone in blog lands needs help, go to my blog and read about
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Terra said...

Oh what a pretty Mary you have, and she is such a good presence in your garden. I have a Mary statue too, and added Mary plants around her, including a rose bush, rosemary, and marigolds. There are 100 flowers associated with Mary and many of them have Lady or Mary in their name :)

Joanne Kennedy said...

She just gets better looking as the years go by. Love how her blue is flaking but still there.

Your cherry trees are so pretty! We don't have them around me. I love the pick color! Does your tree produce cherries? Yum!


Susan said...

Dear Donna....Your Mary is the find of the century! She's just beautiful. I loved looking at her face....her hands...I looked at your other posts of her, too. I think she's watching over you, your home, all the garden creatures, everyone. She's just precious. Hope she'll say a prayer for all your fellow bloggers! Sincerely, Susan

Southern Lady said...

Mary and the cherry tree are both beautiful. Carla

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for wishing me well with my radiation treatments.
I love your blog & plan on coming back soon!!

Cottage Rose said...

Oh she is beautiful,,, what a wonderful find,, Mary looks so lovely under your gorgeous tree,,,,

Have a great weekend.


Elaine said...

Your Mary statue is lovely. I am sure she is protecting your back yard and all those precious anirmals who make your yard their home.

Betsy said...

What a lovely vintage Mary statue.
So Beautiful.
I am glad that you posted a picture of your onion and orange salad. I too read about it on Corey Amaros site. Looking at your picture of it makes me want to try it now. Looks so good.