Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crimson and Clover....

...also known as a "picnic in the park" (or in this case, the backyard)...

Thank goodness I got photos of the Crocosmia when they were in bloom because they are now but a memory...

They're such vibrant flowers, definitely a favorite with the hummers.

How I wish they lasted longer!

And what's a picnic without food?

Overhead picture cam, so you can really get a good look at Little Chip's BIG cheeks!

He totally enjoyed the picnic...

..and asked if we could do it again ... soon! (Of course, Chip.)

And who does the clover call to?

No, no, Little Cottontail. Those are hostas. You want the clover...

Still the hostas.

That's better... hop along now...

I am always amazed at how these little bunnies blend right into the background. That's him, right above my watermark in the lower right hand corner!

I'm happy to report that Little Garden Bunny gave Little Cottontail very good instructions on how to get to the clover patch, and the last I saw him, he was headed straight for it.
The humidity is supposed to lift overnight... It should be heavenly tomorrow! Wishing you beautiful summer days wherever you are!


Susan said...

Oh, Donna. Great shots of the little bun bun. Thanks for sharing. Susan

Jill said...

Hi Donna
You are so right those little bunnies really do fade into the background, glad he didn't get your hosta. Raining in England right now, not alot of sun!!

Anonymous said...

We too have little bunnies & chipmunks & you name it in our gardens! Love it all!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!

Claudia said...

What a gloriously humidity-free morning! Isn't it the best??? I love Chip and the bunny. We have a cute little bunny, too. Every time one of the dogs is let out and he is in the vicinity, the bunny freezes. He holds the freeze for an incredibly long time. I love the little guy.

Crimson and Clover used to be one of my favorite songs!


Brenda Pruitt said...

Donna, I just love the colors of your sweet little squirrels! My, what big cheeks though. The bunny did just blend right in. Couldn't see it at first. Your flowers are beautiful.

Southern Lady said...

The chipmunk is so cute. You are so right about the bunny blending in the picture. I had to look hard to see him. Carla

Lyn said...

Oh Donna, Chip and bunnies, how cute!

Elaine said...

So cute, but where is Sammy?