Sunday, December 5, 2010

And the sun sets...

... on another day.

The late afternoon sun sits so low at this time of year. I caught it right at sundown the other day, while it was sending its last beams of light through the living room window behind the caged plant...

...and the lace valance...

It gives a beautiful glow to the room as it sets. How I wish it would stay longer. I am not a fan of pitch black darkness before 5p.m. But the setting sun does put on a show with the shadows it casts on the walls at this time of year, as evidenced by the following photo of the plant, the window, and the valance.

Within a minute of taking this photo, the shadow was gone as the sun had dropped below the treetops outside the window.

In other day-to-day news, Baby continues to claim everything in the house as her own.

... including the drying rack, which is brought in a lot during this time of the year (as opposed to drying things outside where they just freeze).

Baby's nose is a bit out of joint. We have a new member of the family who I'll introduce shortly. Although it took a while (and is still an ongoing process), the animals seem to be adjusting. We've had some bumps in the road of life over the past few weeks. Nothing major and everything will be okay, but I'm sorry to say that it delayed me announcing the winner of my giveaway, which was scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving.

I asked one of my girls to pick a number (from the total number of comments) and she picked #18. So congratulations to Brenda Kula of Cozy Little House, who posted the 18th comment on my giveaway blogpost! Brenda, just email me your address and I will get your SNOW giveaway right out in the mail to you!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)


Boom said...

I love your shadow picture. And your senior furbaby is adorable.

Claudia said...

Congratulations to my buddy, Brenda!

I love the light you have captured in your photos, Donna. You're right, it gets dark too early and I always find that depressing. But I was saying to Don the other day that the sunsets seem to be more spectacular in the winter. Almost as if they are making up for the gray landscape!

I am so, so anxious to hear about the new member of the family, Donna! Please introduce this new member soon.


Susan said...

Very nice late afternoon sun shots, Donna. Picturesque. Nice job! Susan

Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh, I'm so excited! I love Baby's face. It's such a cute and innocent face. Although I know she can't be as innocent as she looks! I'll email you my address.

Dogwood said...

Great how the sun shines in and lights up you beautiful home.

Baby is way too cute.

miruku said...

Everytime i look at your house and Baby, i feel so quiet, warm and peaceful. It's so good to be at home.

Elaine said...

Baby is getting so big! What a long haired beauty!

Love your lace valance.

Winter skies are the best aren't they?
I know you don't like the cold but there's something magical about Winter.