Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cottage Garden Window Box - Summer vs. Winter, Flowers Vs. Squirrels

The cottage garden windowbox that is attached to our dining room window...

(Summer 2010)

...isn't really a windowbox at all.

(Summer 2009)

Because once the flowers have succumbed to autumn's first frost, the flowerbox reverts back to its true purpose... a screen feeder that holds a bounty of food for the birds and wildlife that visit us throughout the cold New England winter.

Little Sammy, a young squirrel, has been a regular visitor these days, much to Baby's delight.

Whenever Baby hears Sammy at the feeder, she bolts from wherever she is, leaps into the bay window, and with ears flattened to her head, she prepares for her sneak attack.

Sammy, who seems to have more going on upstairs that our Baby does sometimes, knows right off the bat that the pane of glass between them is his safety net, so he doesn't even flinch when she bounces off the window...

Eventually Baby also realizes there's no way she's getting through the glass pane that separates them.

Of course that doesn't stop her from licking her chops, just thinking about how good Sammy would taste for supper.

"Say what????" says Sammy!

Just kidding. I think Baby would love to just play with Sammy...

...which is music to his little ears.

And after Sammy's belly is full, Baby bids him "adieu,"...

...and Sammy scampers back across the yard to his nest (which this year is a birdhouse in the corner of the backyard, shared by he and several of his siblings.)

And while all this activity is going on at one end of the house, down at the other end our sweet Tiger (who at 17 is past her huntress days), prefers to seek out her flannel penguin bed..

...which is butted up against the heating vent in my office. It is her favorite place to sleep in the winter months because it's so nice and toasty warm...

Sweet little Tiger, you are one smart kitty!

We are due for yet ANOTHER winter storm tomorrow. Spring cannot come soon enough for me (or Tiger!)!!!
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Have a great weekend, everyone! And stay warm!


Lacey said...

Love the squirrel shots!..

Deb said...

Great photos and post. You got some great candid shots today. And sweet is she. I just love the ol' kitties.\ Hugs, Deb=^..^-x5

Elaine said...

Wow, what great shots. Sammy is so cute! Baby better stay behind that glass. And Tiger is the smart one, cuddling up by the heater in the flannel bed. That sounds heavenly!

Ugh, more snow. I love Winter but 3 storms in one week is too much!

Vintage Gal said...

AWWWW that is so sweet. You must watch Sammy alot! LOVE the photos ~ Happy Friday ;-) said...

That was adorable:) It is still snowing here. Not quite sure when it will stop. Have a great weekend:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

My Casa Bella said...

Awwww!! TOO CUTE! Love this post!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Oh my goodness soooo
very precious !!!
Thank you for the smiles
this morning !


Ellen Hite said...

I love these pictures. It is amazing how the outside critters fear not as they are outside and know that the cat is inside.

Ellen Hite

Unknown said...

Oh I love these pictures, you have plenty of wildlife and the cat seems to agree!

Susan said...

Oh Donna. I just LOVE your kitties. Imagine that little Gramma parking herself right near the heater. She IS smart!

Loved the cat/squirrel photos. You should submit them to a cat magazine!

By the way, I put a LARGE pan of freshly made brownies out on the snowy back porch to cool the other day. Do you know that one of those neighborhood scavenger squirrels got into the HOT pan and wiped out a good portion of my hot brownies? I was NOT amused.

Take care and keep warm. Isn't it amazing what freeeeeeeeeezing temps we are having? Yikes. Think I'll spend most of the weekend in the living room, hunkered down near the crackling fireplace. Susan

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Donna dear,

I love this and laughed because the squirrel seems to have a bit more feeder time than the others. Isn't it wonderful to have this wildlife up close?

Sending love across the miles (and thanks for saying you like my houses, they make me happy, I am such a homebody.


Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Donna said...

Baby doesn't quite have that glass figured out, LOL!

Claudia said...

I love seeing pictures of Sammy and your kitties. Poor Baby - she will dream of Sammy. I love that Sammy - what a cutie.

Aren't you sick of this weather? And now they're forecasting more snow Tuesday into Wednesday. I am ready to scream! Are you due for frigid temps this weekend? We are. They're saying 10 below on Sunday night. Enough, already.


Dogwood said...

love all the photos of Sammie and your beautiful cat!
The little cottage in the yard is precious.

Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

Heaven's Walk said...

Our kitties are soooo entertaining, aren't they, Donna? lol! I've got a 16 y/o who is always laying in front of the old register in the guest bedroom. Probably feels wonderful on her old bones. :)

xoxo laurie

*Ulrike* said...

That is toooo cute! If my little yorkies were still with us it would drive them batty watching Sammy. I enjoyed the photos, and hope you guys are staying warm!

Kath said...

hello, I'm Kath from England, I too, live in an old cottage with resuced dogs, called Ellie and Roobarb. I enjoyed my visit to your Blog and look forward to calling by, again soon.

designchic said...

What great photos...thrilled to find your wonderful blog this morning!!

CR Wall said...

Sammy is a darling! What extraordinarily beautiful pictures!

lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

Loved the pics of Baby and Sammy. Too cute for words.

Lisa @ Lesapea xx

Juddie said...

Oh! While the summer flowers are pretty, I definitely prefer the winter version. How lovely to be able to watch all the wildlife from inside, and to offer some treats to the hungry birds and beasties.
I live in Melbourne, Australia - no snow, no squirrels .... very envious of the New England lifestyle!
Thank you for sharing this lovely snippet :-)

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

I DID the Sammy Search...LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

( Deb at visited my squirrel pics today ) This morning my little guy is sitting out there eating some apple...