Thursday, February 23, 2012

Torn between two styles...

For years now our bedroom has been in a state of limbo...

... caught between our old, primitive style (much of which is completely out-of-date... yes, grapevine wreath and wallpaper border, I am referring to you!) and the newer, cottage style I fell in love with years later.

 (Notice the window open! It's Feb 23rd and warm enough here in New England 
for me to air out the house. What a strange winter it's been!)
While so many others redecorate rooms in their homes at the speed of light, our bedroom remains a mixture of those two styles. I revisit this subject about once a year and have even blogged about it in the past. Maybe I should just accept it, refer to it as 'eclectic,' and forget about making any changes.

Yet every time I walk into our room and see the mauve wallpapered accent wall behind the bed and this 20+ year old wallpaper border on the other walls, I know this room desperately needs a makeover.

I remember one blogger who updated every room in her house several times a year - living room, kitchen, bedroom, and I mean complete makeovers! How do some people have so much ambition and energy and others (finger pointing at me) have none?

Clearly Baby is just fine with the way things are.

I suspect I am, too, or I think I would have tackled this project by now.

So Baby and I will get into a very comfy position and give this a lot of thought. And if any changes are made, you can be sure that you will be the first to know!

Be sure to stop by  My Romantic Home where you will find bloggers with much more ambition than I have sharing Show & Tell Friday posts!



lvroftiques said...

Hmmm I've always thought that if something was well designed and classic in the first place one wouldn't need to redecorate every ten minutes right? Could also be that I'm poor and lazy.....Yes that would also be correct *winks* I think you should take your sweet time and find just the perfect things to make your dream bedroom a reality...After all it's already a perfectly lovely space. All the best people and cuddly critters think so *winks* Vanna

Michele said...

Oh Donna,

I hear ya big time. It is SUCH a big deal - time, energy, money - and who has enough of any one of those, let alone all THREE?

May I suggest you give yourself a gift and start with small steps. I would say BABY steps but your adorable kitty may come scratch me.

So, say, ask yourself what is the very most dated thing in the room? In my humble opinion it is your dated heart country wallpaper border. So, put on some living music this weekend, load yourself up with energy giving orange juice and plan on stripping in. Once you start you can't go back, and just "chip" away at it till it is gone.

Step by step your dream of making this more of a sweet romantic chippy style will surface.

The first step is the most difficult, but you CAN do this - and you have an entire world of bloggers who will be thrilled with your makeover.

I am one of them! Go for it!
E.N.E.R.G.I.Z.E! (Or look up the number for a local contractor to do it for you like I would, haha!)

Hugs of encouragement,


Donna said...

Hahaha, I love that last photo of Baby! There's only one thing to do when you are faced with procrastination. Do SOMETHING! Even if it is a little thing like taking down the grapevine wreath, or removing the wall paper from one wall. One little step usually gives you the momentum you need!

Tiffany said...

Do whatever you's your room! :)

Looks cozy anyway! & baby...she is cute & content!

sheri said...

I'm glad to see Baby is giving this the serious thought it deserves!

I think your room looks sweet the way it is. But if you do make changes, can we keep those portraits? I love them! They're so "New England-y"! Maybe the frames could be "cottaged up." If you're looking for inspiration, you need look no further than your own fabulous blog....just look at that gorgeous dining room hutch makeover!!!

Is this weather unbelievable or what? A few flakes this morning, just to remind us what snow looks like!

Unknown said...

I love your room as it is. it looks so great and very cosy. It looks like a perfect place for a cat to be. x

June said...

Just happened on your blog and I have to agree with the comment of Saphy - great and cosy and without doubt the perfect place for a contented cat to be!

Susan said...

Ha ha ha ha ha Oh, Donna, you are SO funny. And I just love seeing photos of darling.

Hope you have a nice Sunday.

Hasn't this winter been one for the books? Wonder if it will snow in July! Susan

Anonymous said...

I'm luvin' Baby :) What a cutie-patootie! I love your own personal mix of what you like...isn't that what makes a house an expression of you?

Anonymous said...

I agree .... I am caught between the same two.
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Have a Great Day!!
p.s. I adore Baby ! ! !

Char said...

Hi Donna,
you are I seem to be in the same boat, caught between two worlds that are very different and so far apart. Somehow, I think they can come together to create something very special. I know you will make it happen and your room will be gorgeous. Baby will love it too!
So cute, Char

Betsy said...

Looks cozy to me. I could curl up there with the cat.
I like your room.

Elaine said...

Baby on the bed is all the decoration you need in the bedroom.

If you want to update it I think you should. It's fun just looking for ideas!

Pamela said...

Bedrooms are always last on the list since we don't spend much time in them. Clearly Baby thinks it's tops!

Donna said...

I love doing something new to a room too. Right now I'm thinking of painting a wallpapered room. It seems like such a big project so I feel your pain. The paint chips have been lying on the dresser for 3 weeks now! Good luck!!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi Sweetie~ ~
I am so laughing because my bedroom is the last to get a makeover too. I began a deep clean of it a few weeks ago thinking it might motivate me to made changes. . .not yet! It's like all inspiration has flown the coop.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

rosey said...

You know Donna, just a thought....seeing as your wallpaper is getting a bit of the better of you...maybe take down the pics and the wreath. just a suggestion! the Bedhead wall is the feature wall, maybe hang long funky floral drapes from end to end, as though you have a big window covering there..That should take the entire wallp'prd look to a new look...just a suggestion..

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Oh dear - this is where it started, I was going to leave a comment on this post, and now it is 4 AM, after I spent a lot of time checking out the lovely blogs written by several of the first entries in your comments here!

But I am ready now! I was going to comment, because, ahem, I have that very same wallpaper that matches your border!!! I have it in my kitchen, and we even painted our kitchen cabinets and trim to match the two different blues of the birds!!! And I also am SO WANTING to do something different in there, but can't think of what to do that will go with the country blue cabinets!!! I hope to eventually paint them white, but I know that will probably take several years in the waiting game, but sure wish I could come up with something for the walls in the meantime. And do you really think that is from the 1980's?? Oh dear!!! So I wondered if you ever did make a change to the bedroom? And I LOVE your blog btw - esp. the cats/decorating/birds & gardens!!! If you could let me know by email that would be fantastic!!!

Thanks ever so much,
hugs from Michigan,