Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day...

 Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

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 Just a little rambling post today... 

This is one of a small collection of Mother Mottos/Samplers I've purchased over the years since losing my mom in 1996 (I think I have a total of about eight).

Every once in a while I'm drawn to something that reminds me of my mom, so I have a small collection of Mother Mottos and books. I purchased this particular little book about 12 years ago on eBay. It was a very well read copy of "Mother" by Edgar Guest  (I already had a small collection of his poetry books, but this one appealed to me because it was all Mother poems).

This book has a place of honor on one of the shelves in our family room bookcase.

It's hardly a pristine version, but I've come to realize how that makes it all the more special. And perhaps because of this book I am all the more drawn to aged, well used, worn, vintage pieces.

I'm so ashamed of myself, though, when I think of my original reaction to this book. Although I knew when I purchased it that it was old and used, when I actually received it, I was so disappointed. The condition of the book was much shabbier than I had expected. 

I contacted the eBay seller, letting her know of my disappointment. She sent me the loveliest email, telling me the history of this lovely little book and a bit about the life of her amazing grandmother who had owned and loved this book. After reading the entire email (much longer than what I have shown above), I came to realize what a treasure I was holding in my hands. This was a prized possession of a very special lady, and I feel very connected to this book. The seller ended by offering me my money back if I was unhappy with my purchase. Needless to say, I kept this little gem and left her glowing feedback. 

I also printed her email and tucked it into the front of the book so I will always be reminded, in all situations, to never judge a book by its cover.

(copyright 1925, the year before my mother was born)

When I came into my office this morning, this card was laying on top of my keyboard from my Amanda. I absolutely LOVE it, both the image and the quotation!. Amanda, who is both an avid writer and reader, tells me it is because I read to she and her sister every night when they were growing up. I have to admit, it was my absolute favorite time of each day. (A bit later today we will be getting together with Courtney. I can't wait!)

 This card will be tacked to the bulletin board next to my desk which contains (in addition to work items) mostly sentimental materials (photos, the girls' artwork, cards, etc.) As a matter of fact, the b&w card in the center is another card Amanda gave me a few years back of a mother reading to her two little girls! An old Mother's motto that hangs beneath my mom's painting (painted by Amanda in college) reads:

This is my loving Wish for you...
A flower-lined path Your whole Life through.

Isn't that the sweetest sentiment and painting?

So, my dear sweet Mom, Happy Mother's Day to you! You will always be our beloved Mom, Nana, and always our beautiful Galway Girl... 
We all love you so very much!

Love, Donna


MelMel said...

So glad you kept the book.....Mx

Brenda Pruitt said...

My oldest daughter took me to breakfast. The younger one has just moved a few hours away. I'm so glad you get to see your darlings today, Donna!

Susan said...

Oh Donna,that was a lovely post. Absolutely lovely. Take care and hope your day was wonderful. Susan