Monday, July 2, 2012

Feeding Time at the Zoo...

A couple of weeks ago I paid bills on the table outside. It was a gorgeous, sunny afternoon, much too nice to be stuck inside. It wasn't long before I had some friends join me. (The peanut basket I brought out with me is like a beacon.)

(click on any photos to enlarge them)
This is one of the many bluejays who visit our yard. But this particular little guy is the only one brave enough to come right up to me to get his peanuts.

It's taken a while for him to feel comfortable enough to come this close. I doubt he'll ever trust me enough to eat out of my hand like my chipmunk friends, but I feel honored that he trusts me enough to come this close.

I was almost out of peanuts on this particular day, so he had to hop down into the basket to retrieve his treats, with me sitting right there. Another act of great bravery on his part.

I know bluejays can be mean birds, but I still have a soft spot for them.

Now Ms. Titmouse isn't nearly so shy. She always makes sure I see her when she comes to visit, hopping from chair to table and from side to side to catch my attention. I think she likes to be admired and told how cute she is.

Of course my little Chips are ever present. Today I made Chip get his own peanuts out of the basket instead of hand feeding him since I was busy paying bills (and taking pictures!).

Here he is with his cheeks full, on his way out of the basket while Sammy Squirrel decides whether or not to join him.

My little Chips are fearless creatures, always eager to become friends with the peanut lady (me)

Another picture of Sammy deciding whether to join us while Mr. Blue Jay watches over the peanut basket from the top of our wrought iron planter holder.

It really was a perfect afternoon. I even had a visit from shy Mrs. Mourning Dove, who braved the feeding frenzy in order to get a drink from the fountain. Having all these little creatures around sure took a bit of the sting out of paying bills!!

Have a beautiful week... Donna


Donna said...

What fun to have all this activity on your outside table while paying bills. Beautiful photos you caught of each one!

Anonymous said...

How cool! I really enjoyed this felt like I was right there enjoying all the wonderful 'wildlife' in your backyard. Thanks for sharing. Peanuts, huh? I'll have to keep that in mind.

Claudia said...

Fabulous photos! You really are the animal whisperer! I can just see you sitting there with all your animal friends gathering around. Your loving heart is what draws them to you. They know a friend when they see one.


Susan said...

Wow, Donna. You are Mother Nature's first hand woman, helping the little creatures have food! Good for you and GREAT photos. Never heard of a blue jay coming that close, peanuts or not.

By the way, I got out my big plastic bowl from the Christmas Tree Shops and it's now filled with water and on a tree stump in the back yard. Haven't seen any critters bathing in it yet, but I'm hopeful. See what a good influence you are on me? hee hee Susan

Anne said...

Aww what a cute post. I'm like you, I like Blue Jays. Nice pictures.

Elaine said...

How amusing, to watch the circus of activity around the peanut basket. Great shots, very sweet.

Happy 4th!

Sharon said...

Great post! So enjoyable!

piccolaceleste said...

che carini... baci lu.