Monday, December 17, 2012

Ding Dong. Winter Calling.

I suppose it was inevitable...

...that winter would eventually come calling.
The view outside of my studio/office left no doubt,
 with its ice covered walkways and streets.
Everything was covered in a frozen, icy-white glaze.
It was clear that sanders and salters had worked through the night.
By early morning, the warmth from inside the house had started melting the ice from the windows.
I prefer snow to the treacherous, slick sleet and ice.
Only about three more months of this, thank goodness.
Thoughts of spring will carry me through.
(who does not enjoy winter, in case that wasn't apparent :)


Maureen Wyatt said...

If I lived in your home, I would never be able to tear my eyes away from those leaded glass windows! Here in Ontario, it is still quite balmy and not a snowflake in sight.

Donna said...

I hope you stay safe and warm! Thank you for the lovely photos!

Melanie said...

No snow or ice here yet (northern IL) but a storm is coming in Wed. night. Supposed to be high winds, rain, then snow.

Margy said...

I would love to have your windows...I am envious! Thanks for the kind words about saving the kittens. I am so glad someone actually reads my blog!

Susan said...
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Unknown said...

I love your windows! I live in Alabama so ice storms like that just dont' happen. I do miss winter though. It is balmy here but in a couple days it will get chilly. Stay safe in your icy world!