Saturday, February 9, 2013

The view that cats in New England...

... woke up to this morning.

Our daughter's cat, FiFi, wondering what happened to her beautiful view.

Our Baby, totally perplexed. Where are her Sammy's? And what is this wall of white?

" Maybe if I stand up I'll see them."

Nope. "Maybe I'll go out to the dining room to watch the screen feeder."

Poor Baby. She struck out again.

 She cannot understand what happened to her "bird" and "Sammy Squirrel" viewing windows.

The south side of our house really got hit with the drifting snow, practically covering the windows.

All in all, we feel we were blessed with this snowstorm because even though we got a LOT of snow:

 1) we did not lose power (i.e., heat, ability to cook, etc.), and 

2) we didn't lose any trees or have any house damage
(like we did after our freak October snowstorm of 2011)

Right after taking these I opened the window and cleaned the snow off of the screen feeder so the birds could get to the seed. That made Baby very happy. I have pictures to prove it. Will share them later.

Stay safe and warm, everyone!



Barb said...

I'm so glad to hear you got through the storm with just tons of snow. I feel so bad for the folks who have lost power, that is the worst except, of course, damage to your home. Stay warm and safe!!

Ruth Kelly said...

My cat is getting tired of looking out the door window at all that white stuff. She loves to be outdoors but when her dainty paw touches the snow, she draws it back quickly and says "no thanks".

Anonymous said...

Donna, these are great... we took a series of photos exactly the same at our house this morning [NW Connecticut]. So funny to see all the feline children so disturbed with the new view!!

Lyn said...

Lots of snow! Keep safe. X

Susan said...

Hi Donna...Chuckle, chuckle. Not only cats woke up to that scene, people did too, including me! ha haha

Yeah, we got a lot of snow...about a foot, and it's bitterly cold. But, like you said, it wasn't that bad and we feel very blessed.

You and Baby stay warm and cozy now. Susan

Brenda Pruitt said...

Looks to me in that last pic that Baby found herself a bird statue. I just love that Baby!

Jan said...

Poor Baby! Tom (my cat) sends sympathetic purrs. We've had a few snowy days this winter and he hated every moment. Glad to hear that power stayed on and that your home is undamaged. Jx

Art and Sand said...

I rarely see that much snow at one time - once on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe and we were snowed in on Christmas Day.

I would face it positively - "oh, how much fun to do art and decorating projects all day" - as long as I was dry and warm.

Hope you stay safe, dry and warm.

Unknown said...

Hi Donna - we had the same experience this morning. My Finn was dying to go out. Lucy too smart to attempt it but Finn ended up buried in a snowbank and struggled to get back in. I think he's done asking for the day. ;)

Greg_1948 in_WA said...

It is unbelievable how much severe weather of all kinds has been hitting the east coast. I used to live in Maine, and Massachusetts, and Maryland. I do not remember such severe weather in the past. I finally decided to move to a state that does not begin with the letter "M."