Tuesday, April 16, 2013


After a very cold and bitter winter, yesterday promised to be a spectacular day here in Massachusetts with sunshine and mild temps. And, of course, Patriot's Day is always an exciting day for the city of Boston with the running of the Marathon.
(past photos of Boston I've shared on my blog)

I had just pulled into the driveway from grocery shopping yesterday afternoon when I received a text. Without reading it, I gathered up my groceries and headed into the house.

By the time I reached the kitchen and put my bags down, two more texts had arrived in rapid succession.

Text 1: Have you seen the news?
Text 2: Someone set off a bomb at the finish line
Text 3: Some are dead

Just as I will never forget where I was or how I heard about September 11th or JFK being shot, I will never forget where and how I heard this news.

How bittersweet those texts were because they came from my daughter who lives in Boston, and who I knew was at the Marathon with friends, cheering on all the dedicated runners.  Unlike a few years ago when she watched the Marathon, this time she was nowhere near the finish line.

I called her immediately and we cried on the phone together. I only remember saying, "Oh, my God," over and over, while she spoke. My prayers of thanks that she was okay were mingled with prayers and tears for those who are not, and for their loved ones. 

We are heartbroken and our thoughts and prayers go out to everybody affected by yesterday's events.



Barb said...

Beautiful pictures of Boston. I am so happy to hear that your daughter is fine. Our hearts and prayers do go out to all of Boston especially those who are deeply affected by this tragedy.

Debby said...

Such sadness. Hugs for both of you. Glad that your daughter is okay.

Meggie said...

I, too, am heartbroken. I also remember the two other dates you spoke of. My prayers go out to all of us.

Ellen Hite said...

So very sorry for our nation's tragedy in Boston - and so very gratefull that your daughter is okay.

We must remain vigilant for the safety of our people and for our freedoms, so that we will not fear to run in a marathon or to stand on the sidelines and cheer those who do.

Ellen Hite

C M Designs said...

I am so thankful that your daughter is okay. I was thinking about you yesterday. Don't know if you live anywhere near the disaster.
It is such a terrible thing to happen to innocent people. When will it all stop so we can feel safe again.
Charlotte in Va.

Melanie said...

I am so glad your precious daughter is alive and well during this tragedy...my prayers have been with all those affected in Boston.

Elaine said...

It is just so unbelievably sad and surreal. How many times have we walked Boylston St?

Prayers for all the victims. I know someone who was injured. I am sure you do too.

Maureen Wyatt said...

Yesterday, I was very tired of the world and just wanted to hide away some place quiet and still. I'm thankful your daughter was well away from danger and my heart weeps for those who suffered. Is no place safe?

Val said...

Yes--Love to you and yours tonight. ♥

Mary said...

No words for the sorrow...I have stood there before to watch friends cross the finish line. Glad your daughter is fine. The cruelty of people still surprises us, I can never understand this.

Susan said...

Hi Donna...Wasn't it horrible? I'm still in shock. I cry at the snap of the fingers. Went to a commmunity prayer vigil yesterday. My heart is soooooo heavy and sad. Susan