Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our little black dog.... a love story :)

It was 3-1/2 years ago that Mr. J came to live with us and I wrote all about it in this post

He was about 9 to 11 years old at the time.

 We learned quickly to not forget to bring the bag of trash out before leaving the house, 
even for the shortest period of time!

Mr. J  immediately became a beloved member of our family, and is to this day!
He's a pretty low key family member, so I'm afraid he doesn't get as much blog time as Baby, his wild and crazy feline sister.

Exactly one year ago today, March 23, 2013, Mr. J came home after a 3 day stay at an Emergency Animal Clinic after life-saving surgery. His spleen had ruptured and he was bleeding internally. Our vet had us rush him to a 24 hour clinic where they could remove his spleen and then watch him for several days.

(Our poor baby the day he came home)
The doctors suggested that if he seemed to be handling the anesthesia well, that they go ahead and remove his right eye at the same time. The lens had shifted and we'd been working with our own vet to try to correct the problem, but nothing seemed to be working. Both our vet and the emergency vet felt he would be better off just having the eye removed, so we agreed.

After all, we'd had first hand experience with our sweet Ms. Gizmo (who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2008). She was about 13 or 14 when she had to have her eye removed to to complications with diabetes. And we'd seen how well she'd adapted to one eye, despite being practically blind in the other. She lived several more very happy years being a one-eyed pup.

And just like Ms. Giz, Mr. J has adapted wonderfully. 

Here he is napping with little Lamb Chop on his favorite chenille rug.

It's right in front of the hutch which sits between the dining area and living room.
There's a reason he likes this spot.

When he finally wakes from his naps, he has a clear view to the kitchen.
He knows what is in the kitchen.
Dog treats.

You'll see how he still has laser vision when it comes to catching a dog treat, 
even with just one eye!

And here he is retrieving Lamb Chop after a game of catch and, as always, enjoying a little tug of war at the end. His little tail starts wagging whenever we start that game!

Yes, our little 'Enchanted Cottage' wouldn't be quite so enchanted without our little Mr. J (who loves nothing more than to bury his nose in the snow before he comes inside!)
(This picture was not taken today - our snow is JUST ABOUT GONE!!!)

Have a great week, everyone!



Rosie said...

I love your critters! :)

Andrea said...

Ohhhhh Donna.... those videos brought tears to my eyes!! How absolutely precious!

What a lucky lucky little boy Mr. J is, to have such a loving "mama" as he has. May God bless you for taking in a sweet senior as Mr. J into your home & loving him & caring for him so exquisitely. You are a special person, Donna, for your kindness to animals!

Love you, kindred spirit~ Andrea

Deb said...

Oh, he's adorable. I love the senior cats and dogs. Deb

Deb said...

Oh, he's adorable. I love the senior cats and dogs. Deb

Deb said...

Oh, he's adorable. I love the senior cats and dogs. Deb

Deb said...

Oh, he's adorable. I love the senior cats and dogs. Deb

Merlesworld said...

He is a fine little fellow, but it sad when they are not well but they handle it better than us, no complaining.

NanaDiana said...

Awww...It looks like he is doing really well with limited vision. It is amazing how versatile pets are after something like that- even more adaptable than most humans. xo Diana

Debby said...

Adorable. So sweet that you adopted an older doggie. He still had and has lots of love to give you.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

What a sweet little darling! What joy he must bring to your home:). Twyla

Brenda Pruitt said...

Has it really been that long? I remember that day! He is so sweet and adorable.

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

He is wonderful and both of you are blessed by finding one another. I hope you enjoy many more happy times together. x

Susan said...

Awwwww, Mr. J is so lucky to have you guys, Donna.

He's a hardy ol' fellow.

What? Snow almost gone where you are? Not here. We've still got a lot. Bummer.

Anyway, hope springs eternal. Susan

Claudia said...

He's adorable. I'm so glad he came to you and your family and is loved so deeply.


Claudia said...

He's adorable. I'm so glad he came to you and your family and is loved so deeply.


Melanie said...

Such a cute little one-eyed guy. ;-) When I was growing up, we had a one-eyed Pekingese.

Unknown said...

Animals sure make a home a much better place. He is so cute playing with Lamb Chop! Hug him for me and don't tell my cats!

Barb said...

He is so cute!!!!

A New England Life said...

Oh my goodness, Mr. J is so darn adorable! And boy does he love his mom! I hope he still has several years left with your wonderful family, Donna. And btw I have a one eyed husband! lol!

BeachGypsy said...

what sweet sweet pets!! Thanks for sharing them!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Being a huge animal I so enjoyed this post. What a sweet doggie! Bless you for all the care you have given him. I want to adopt a senior dog someday too.

Suz said...

ahhh love is indeed grand

Gayle Ann Berg said...

Mr. J is a darling, little dog! It was so wonderful of you to adopt him as an older dog. I wish more people did that. He is one lucky dog to have you as his family!

Elaine said...

What an adorable boy! He certainly has the life.

How does Baby get along with him?

J said...

I think the reason your blog is so appealing to me is that the kind gentleness of your soul is present in each post. This truly is a beautiful love story! You are blessed!