Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Studio/Office Makeover continues...

 This is the biggest change to happen... 

... since this room became my studio/office.

Our plan had always been to eventually move the bookcases that we've had in the hallway of our small split entry for the past several years (where they blocked an air intake vent) into the office.

Well, "eventually" came sooner than we'd expected. This is now the view from my desk. It's beautiful, and I love it...

... but how I wish this sweet girl was still my view. Every time Tiger would go up and down the 'stairs' to get into her bed, she'd pause and look out the window.

It's two days shy of a month since we lost our Tiger girl. She was my office-mate and my muse. She loved watching me at my desk from her bed, the same one she'd slept on for 22 years.

It was her spot from the time she joined our family as a tiny little kitten until the day she left us.

It took several weeks before I was ready to disassemble the bed and move the bookcases in, but I finally felt it was time to do so.

Some of you might remember that we used to have a baby gate on the office door. (You can even see where the bookcases used to be, down the hallway.)  The gate kept Mr. J from having access to the office. When Tiger just didn't have the strength to go up and down the stairs to the basement where the litter box was kept, we put one in here for her. Well, apparently what is deposited in litter boxes is a big treat to all dogs (yuck!), including Mr. J, so we definitely needed to keep him out!

So the gate has now been removed...

... and Mr. J is having a grand old time visiting me in the studio/office whenever he wants.

This is the view looking toward the window.

I hope to get rid of the clutter on the floor and in its place put either a small reading chair or the mannequin from the bedroom.

Right now I have my paints stored under my desk. I'd like to find a better storage solution for them as well, but for now this will do. 

Some of the books on the shelves are mine, but most are (or will be) for sale in our Etsy shop. 

Some shelves have family photos.

And, of course, sweet Tiger's comb and urn are also on the bookcase shelves.

And then, some things never change. Baby is Baby. She looked deep in thought when I snapped her photo today.

She had been staring at the window and eventually went over and stretched out on the window sill. Today was GORGEOUS here in New England - low humidity and a lovely breeze. All the windows were open and Baby really enjoyed it. We were all sick of having the AC running constantly, and there is nothing more enchanting than billowing curtains!

And always the clown, she loves to make me laugh!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend! The next time I post it will most likely be September!! Hard to believe!



Elaine said...

The pain of losing a pet takes a long time to subside. It's nice for you to have her comb and of course her ashes.

Mr J will surely cheer you and so will Baby with her big personality.

The office looks nice and should inspire those creative juices. Looks like there is lots of painting in your future.

Claudia said...

I feel terrible. How did I miss the news that you'd lost Tiger? I'm so, so sorry my friend. He was a part of your life for so long and I know how much you must miss him. Love and warm thoughts are headed your way, my friend. May he romp and play to his heart's content on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Much love,

Jan said...

Thomas and I say thank you for the videos of Baby. She's obviously enjoying the cooler temperatures. The bookcases look really nice in your study. Have a good weekend. Jx

Regena Fickes said...

Baby acts like my Seraphena when she is in the window and rolling about on the floor. Phena loves my sewing room and is a great help in choosing fabric! :)
What loves our pets become.

Betty said...

Your office looks so nice and I love the bookcases in there. Sorry about Tiger. We still miss our Mandy and it has been many years.

Oliva Ohlson said...

Why Mr. naughty dog!!! I have no idea why doggies do that.
Your room is so bright and breezy. It must be great to work in a room all to yourself. Great kitty video!!!

Unknown said...

Aren't you glad we live in the digital age so that you have so many wonderful memories of Tiger.

Your office is turning out so nice and I do love your view. Mr. J must be so happy to get to visit you! Baby does a good job of entertaining you and trying to distract you and lift your heart. Hope it is a good weekend for all of you.

Rue said...

You sound just like me talking to my Bubba :)

I love the changes to your studio. It's so bright and cheerful in there. Perfect for creating, I would think.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, my friend.


janice15 said...

Icky little things dogs do at moments.. but such is life.. It looks great.. I wish I had a slash office sewing room.. maybe later on.. have a wonderful rest of the week with love Janice

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

Donna, your studio is so lovely! The light is amazing, and you have so much space. I am jealous, our cottage is so tiny I lack the space to work. Love all your old books too, a wonderful collection. Happy Autumn! x

Val said...

Beautiful space. I'm so sorry about the loss of your Tiger. I dread the day with my Stuffed. That picture of him as a kitten with your girl is a treasure. ♥

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