Thursday, October 8, 2009

A new home for the Halloween rat...

Every October Ratty scampers up from the depths of the basement to spend the Halloween season with us... This year he chose to share Pete and Re-Pete's cage while living upstairs.

Now Ratty was absolutely giddy with excitement when he heard I was announcing the "cottage pumpkins" winner on my blog today...

He begged me to let him announce the winner and he promised to have a huge smile across his face while doing so...

Ratty is true to his word ... Just look at that big, toothy rat grin! And just in case you can't read the sign Ratty is holding, it says, "Congratulations to Claudia of Mockingbird Hill Cottage."

So congratulations, Claudia! Just head over to Ronda's Tempting Textiles shop...

...and pick out which set of pumpkins you'd like to receive!
Happy October, everyone! (It is COLD here in New England tonight !!!)


Claudia said...

Well, what a nice thing to read first thing in the morning! Thank you so much, Donna!! I am very excited at the thought of some fabric pumpkins! I will contact Ronda ASAP!

I love Ratty - please thank him for holding the sign!


Frugalious Living said...

Hi Donna,

Thanks so much for your sweet words! I see you are a huge animal lover and I am thrilled to have "met" you. I love your blog and your pet adoption sites! Thanks so much for being so kind.
Btw, I was looking over your pics and your Mr.O'Malley looks an awful lot like my Cinnamon. They told us she was shepherd/husky. Do you know Mr. O'Malley's heritage?

Btwx2, I ADORE your pumpkins! They are beauties. I never seen anything like them. Love them! You are one talented lady.

All the best,
Marcia @ frugaliousliving.blogspot

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Ratty is wonderful. The glee he displays at his lowly role in your blog is so evident!

(PS - DO NOT let him out of the cage. I repeat -- DO NOT let him out.)

Lacy said...

Congrats to claudia!
Ratty Scampers is adorable in a Halloween sence!
I love the irony of his new home.
I love Halloween!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Donna, Ratty is just too too cute! Congratulations to the winner! I LOVE those pumpkins... Happy October to you too! Bisous... Julie Marie

Rosie said...

Congrats to Claudia! Donna, I love your little Ratty "tale". He is ugly but I'm sure he is a friendly little guy. Loved his toothy grin!

Allidink said...

Haha ratty seems very excited to announce the winner! Congrats to her!

All the best,

Brenda Pruitt said...

What an ominous-looking rat! But he had good news for Claudia, and I am happy for her. Still hot here, but they're promising a change in the weather.

Joyce said...

Your post made me smile with little ratty:)

Carmen S. said...

Hi Donna, its lovely to meet another true animal lover! Thank you for sharing your beautiful post on Mr. O'Malley with me, 6 mo. is a long time to be in the shelter, bless you for giving him a wonderful home,not only him, but bringing home 2!!! he sounds like he was a great companion!My shepherd didn't come from the shelter, but she was headed there. I had been looking for a shepherd pup and found an add in the paper as the shelters had none, so I called and the guy said I only have 4 pups and all are male, but I have one female, you won't want her tho, she is so shy and backwards you can't get near her, I'm gonna take her to the shelter tomorrow. Well,you know what chances those types of dogs have at finding a good home. I went, looked at the pups and brought home the female. It took us a good 2 weeks to get her to even start letting us pet her, she was THAT shy! You'd never know it now, she's almost 8 now and has been THE BEST, MOST LOVING, WELL BEHAVED dog I've ever owned! Your blog is wonderful, I'll stop back when I have more time to look through,enjoy your day!!!

Donna said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner! I am going to have to make me some fabric pumpkins someday! Oh well, perhaps next year, hahaha!

Hey, I got your package of goodie prizes yesterday! I LOVE it all!!! Thank you so very much! If I could do cartwheels, I would! I have a special thank you post on my blog and I'm asking my bloggy friends to come over and visit with you! (I hope you don't mind that I borrowed one of your lovely photos for my post! I couldn't do a setting as pretty as that, LOL.)

BIG HUGS to you!

Donna said...

And Mr. Ratty looks quite fierce! Oh my! My little Marty rabbit was trembling when he saw that mean, toothy face!

RaNae @EweCreekCottage said...

Congrats to Claudia
Donna Ratty is adorable and so are the pumpkins!!