Thursday, October 28, 2010

...and because they said, "I Do"...

...I am here writing this blog post :)

(click any photos to enlarge)

Today would be my mom & dad's 59th wedding anniversary. This is my mom and dad when they were in their twenties. I think my dad is so handsome and my mom is so beautiful!

When I happened across this vintage bride & groom wedding cake topper last year, it reminded me so much of my mom and dad that I just had to get it. The bride is in a long sleeved white gown with black shoulder length hair (as was my mom) and the groom is in a black tux & bow tie with dark hair (as was my dad, right down to the same haircut!).

My mom and dad had no money when they got married. There was no professional photographer. Just a few photos that my aunt took. I'm afraid there isn't a one that is crisp and clear, but I can still see them smiling!

This is about the clearest of the few wedding photos that exist... my mom & dad cutting the cake. So it's only fitting that I have a wedding cake topper to remind me of this moment.

It's full of chippy charm, aged to perfection, just like my mom and dad's love. To this day, dad insists on being brought to mom's grave twice a day to visit her. An eternal love if there ever was one.

And this is my mom and dad, so young and happy, standing in front of the little Niagara Falls cabin that they honeymooned in back in October of 1951. I love you, Mom & Dad. Happy Anniversary.
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Heaven's Walk said...

Oh, Donna ~ what a sweet tribute. You are a testimony of their love for each other and for you. :)

xoxo laurie

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

That is amazing how much the wedding topper looks like it was fashioned after your beautiful parents! Perfect!!
My parents didn't have a professional photographer either, a relative snapped photos, similar to yours! Still special to have them though, isn't it?
So sweet; thanks for sharing!

miruku said...

Your mum is beautiful and your pa is handsome. This is so sweet of their love story. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.
hugs, milka.

Unknown said...

Beautiful wedding pictures to go with a truly beautiful story of love and endurance xxx

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

So very precious !
I love your sweet
pictures of your mom and dad ~

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post! They made a very attractive couple.
The simplicity of yesteryear shines through here. Certainly we could use a little more of that in our times.

Claudia said...

Donna, what a lovely tribute to the undying love between your parents. Your Dad must miss you Mom so! Happy Anniversary to them - because I believe they are still celebrating their wedding anniversary, even if time and space has separated them.

The wedding cake topper is absolutely perfect. It looks like chalkware.


home made gorgeous said...

Hi Donna, what a lovely lovely post, I love the wedding topper and the photos are so simple but that is what makes them really special :) Sarah

makeyourhomesing said...

What a beautiful tribute to your parents and what a blessing to have wedding photos.

My parents have no wedding photos, not even one. It was wartime, not much money, and I guess nobody thought to take a picture. I find that very strange though, lol!

So sweet about your dad visiting your mom's grave. My mom loves to visit my dad's grave, she finds it comforting and she'll tell me "Your brother and I are going to visit your dad."

I always feel like I should say "Tell him I said hi" because he just seems so close to her, their love was so great - just like your parents.

Hugs and blessings on your parent's anniversary that even a loss cannot destroy.

Susan said...

Nice post, Donna.Nice memories, too. Hugs. Susan

cargol said...

Such a sweet post, especially touched with your Dad. They were a beautiful couple and their love is everlasting.

Dogwood said...

such beautiful mom and dad photos. love the cake topper. sweet memories.

enjoy your weekend.

A New England Life said...

A love that endures the test of time, how beautiful Donna. And to think your dad still visits your moms grave twice a day, that's amazing. I know you both must miss her so deeply.

A truly heartfelt post.


Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista said...

I love vintage wedding...I have a small little collection of wedding figurines. Though I am no longer a new bride...I still love the nostalgia of all things wedding. So sweet that you have those old pictures.