Monday, November 1, 2010

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and Concord Center

We love visiting beautiful Concord, MA, especially in the autumn.

Amanda was home for a couple of days in mid-October so on a particularly sunny afternoon we decided to visit Concord for a few hours of fun.

That almost always includes a visit to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery (click here for last October's Sleepy Hollow post, much more in-depth!).

A closeup of gifts that visitors have left on top of Emerson's grave.

... and in front of Thoreau's grave.

Louisa May Alcott's grave.

And one of the black squirrels that make their home in the cemetery. All of the Sammy Squirrels in our yard are gray (with an occasional red squirrel), so I was quite excited to see this little fellow and his friends as I have never seen a black squirrel before!

After the cemetery we visited Concord Center.

Here is the beautiful (and reportedly haunted) Colonial Inn...

... that I blogged about here last year, including photos from inside the 'haunted' room!

Old church spires against blue autumn skies... gorgeous!

And the old graveyard right next to the church.

Concord Center is just so picturesque. We were a couple of weeks early for the peak fall foliage, but you can click here for my post from last year, Colors of Concord , to see how this exact spot turns spectacularly GOLDEN at the height of its autumn splendor!

Red Lamp Lady is still the mascot for the Concord Lamp & Shade shop. I think she'd look fantastic in our little cottage, but since we don't have any extra room or money these days, I'm afraid she won't be moving in with us...

The colors of autumn were everywhere...

...especially at one of Cafe Chatelaine's favorite shops, Nesting on Main!

They are geniuses with vignettes and arrangements...

I always want to bring a little bit of everything home with me!

There is eye candy around every nook, cranny, and corner.

Be still my heart.. I soooooooooooooooo would love this for our little cottage! Maybe some day!

So Happy 375th birthday, Concord!!! It is always SUCH a pleasure to visit you!


Unknown said...

How beautiful Concord is!!!! I've never been up north to see the changing of the leaves. That looks like a cool place to add to the list. And you are right about the Eye Candy is the shop.....I want that status too! Thanks for taking us along to celebrate Concord' Birthday! Happy Fall Ya'll.....we are still saying it's fall but the tempature doesn't will be a balmy 90 degree day today. :(

Karen said...

I love this posting! And I checked out your posts from last year describing both the cemetery and the inn in more detail. Really fascinating. I am a fan of ghostly places steeped in history and quite often visit cemeteries just to read the headstones so this was right up my alley!!

miruku said...

This town looks so nice and peaceful. I love all the colours there-- now i wonder how come a western country can be so colourful? Maybe the climate matters... mm. And thanks for bringing me back to your previous post on Colonial Inn, it will be interesting to read on during my lunch time later, haha. Happy Tuesday!

Janet said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment! I've only been to MA once and absolutely loved it! I thought it was all so fascinating and so is your post as well!

Susan Freeman said...

Thank you for a lovely tour! I miss the east coast and don't get to visit there very often. Enjoyed the pic of the black squirrel too!

Susan and Bentley

Brenda Pruitt said...

I remember that cemetary. You have such beautiful fall seasons there.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Well this is a town I would love to go to. The old cemetery, haunted places, cute shops...oh my!

La Petite Gallery said...

What a beautiful post.
Sooo charming.
Have a wonderful thanksgiving.

La Petite Gallery said...

That photo with the dishes in the window, they look like my wedgewood with the clipper ships, I would have bought them if I were with you,
the Alcott stone is wonderful to see.