Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So Halloween is now over...

...and the few decorations I had out...

...are now packed away until next year.

Baby has made herself quite at home in the living room bay window (which, by the way, used to be Spotty's favorite hangout. There are quite a few similarities between the two of them which will, I'm sure, be the topic of a future blogpost.)

Once again, I seem to have captured an orb in a photo, right next to all our fur babies' urns in the bay window. I capture orbs on a pretty regular basis, and they always seem to have an 'energy' to them (as opposed to being just a round speck of dust... you can click the photo to enlarge it)... So today, the house is back to normal, but this is what it looked like on Halloween night when the trick-or-treaters arrived...

Lamp Bandit took center stage in the bay window and greeted everyone (I washed the windows that afternoon. They were SO dirty I didn't think anyone would even see Lamp Bandit if I didn't!).

Baby was not thrilled at having to share the window with Lamp Bandit...

...and she made that perfectly clear by sporting her "ears back, ticked off" look every time I tried to take her photo. I promised her the lamp would be moved back over to the side of the window as soon as trick-or-treating was over...

..and that seemed to put her in a better mood.

Not to be outdone by Lamp Bandit, Ms. Floor Lamp Floozy wanted equal time.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween :)


Dogwood said...

had a fun and very quiet halloween.
love you decorations.
cute kitty.
i still love you home!

Heaven's Walk said...

Gotta love those fuzzbutts, Donna! They just speak so loudly through their eyes, don't they? lol! And your lamps.....? Too funny! :)

xoxo laurie

Joanne Kennedy said...

First I have to say that I LOVE Floor Lamp Floozy. How funny :)

I see the orb. I think your dear kitty still lives with you and I have a feeling that at times you may even catch a glimps of your dear cat out of the corner of your eye sometime but may just dismiss it. Do you?

Claudia said...

Floor Lamp Floozy is fabulous! Baby is so adorable. Perhaps the orb is your dear departed spirits that are still with you.

I captured an orb in a photo recently. But I didn't trust it because I was shooting toward the sun so I'm not sure if it was 'real.'


Naturegirl said...

Donna i saw your profile image and as a lover of felines and owner of two..adopted I must say...I just had to stop by your cottage!
We have a few things in common...I have just moved to a woodland cottage and I have a kitty black named "BABIE"!!!
I found your sidebar to be very moving particularly your "amazing grace" list.
Peace be to all your fur babies who are now held tightly in your heart!a kindred spirit naturegirl