Sunday, June 17, 2012

Always and forever... will be my hero.

Two pocket plaid shirts, t-shirt, dress pants, brown frame glasses, Ford truck, scapula (or 2), religious cards in pocket and attached to truck visor, fastest typist ever (on an old manual), trucker, driver, green eyes ("so I can see in the dark like a cat" - your exact words), made in America (which got harder and harder to find), WWII Veteran (104th Infantry, Timberwolves), Purple Heart recipient, strong work ethic, entrepreneur, never complained (about anything), loved animals (especially cats and dogs), loyal, forgiving, optimistic, ready smile, teacher, friend, dad, grampa.

Missed. Oh, so missed.

I love you, Dad.
Happy Father's Day.

Donna Doo


Donna said...

He sure sounds like one in a million, and you were so blessed to have him for your dad! {{{hugs}}}

Brenda Pruitt said...

He must have been one hell of a good daddy. I know today must be very hard for you. If I'd known a father, I like to hope I'd feel about him as you do. There can't be a better tribute than the love I see you had for yours.

Claudia said...

Thinking of you today, Donna, on this Fathers Day. I know your dad is with you every moment and especially today.

much love,

Susan said...

Lovely tribute, Donna. He looks like he was a swell guy and he still lives right there-----in your heart. Thanks for your visit and comment, too. Susan

A New England Life said...

Such a good man. And they are not easy to find! You were a lucky lady, Donna, to have had a great father. I'm sure you know it too.


Unknown said...

What a sweet and loving face. His face and twinkling eyes say it all.
Thanks so much for sharing with me.

Araignee said...

I found your lovely tribute to your dad from the sweet comment you left on Talking to My Dog. I lost my mom to leukemia 10 years ago and now I am the caretaker of my 83 year old disabled father who suffers from mild dementia. As I commented to Anne on her blog, I had an especially challenging day with him yesterday and reading what she wrote about her mother and then what you wrote reminded me of why I do what I do. I can't turn back the clock for him but I can give him my best for the days he has left. Thank you.