Saturday, June 9, 2012

Garden Gate Arbor and Clematis

The clematis that covers our garden gate arbor is in full bloom now!

This has been such a rainy week here in Massachusetts that it took some doing to get photos!

 But I was able to run out in between rainfalls and snap some photos before these beauties are but a memory.

 I love this simple arbor that my husband built over the garden gate. I'm hoping we can salvage it when we replace the fence and gate later this year. After 26 years, they are beyond repairing and mending, which is what we've been doing for years.

 Two weeks ago, when I shared photos of the screen feeder flower box, the black 6-pack pots were still very visible and the clematis was a mass of buds, just waiting to burst forth.

 What a difference two weeks make! The lavender is thriving, the impatiens is growing leaps and bounds, completely covering the sides of the 6-pack pots now, and the clematis is putting on a show behind them!

 Back on May 25th...

 And from the same angle on June 8th.

May 24th, from the deck, looking toward the backyard gate. 
Again, no clematis and the flowers had just been plunked down on the screen feeder.

 The same view, photo taken on June 8th.

 This photo was taken 2 weeks ago. The lavender was just starting to open.

But just look at it now, 2 weeks later. Heavenly!

  Late May, the lavender and impatiens were starting to take off.

 June 8. They're continuing to thrive.

 I think it's going to be another successful year of 'non-planting' on the screen feeder! 
Click here to see my original DIY post on using just the 6-pack pots without doing any planting.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!!



Claudia said...

Your clematis looks lush and gorgeous! It has been a rainy week hasn't it? I'm getting a little tired of it! More today here in NY and off on on tomorrow and into next week. We had a doozy of a thunderstorm last night.


Donna said...

I adore your purple clematis! And the flat of colorful flowers right outside of your window is pure genius, LOL.

Paula said...

Do you get a heavenly lavender scent through your open window?

Your flowers are so beautiful!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Your weathered wood is so pretty, but of course not as durable as it once was. Love the clematis. I keep thinking I'll buy one, but they're kind of pricey.

Susan said...

Ohhhh, the flowers look GREAT, Donna. I love that idea of just plunking down the pots. Think I'd like to try that in our windowboxes. Great job! Susan

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

I've really enjoyed seeing the before and after shots of your flowers. The window screen planter is such a great idea! I'm off now to see your older post about it! Linda

Tree Service New York said...

My lord, the tint of purple in their petals is so deep. I think I might be in love!

-Carlos Hernandez
Tree Service New York

marlyn christine manuel said...

You’re a natural born florist. To have this variety of stunning flowers and plants arranged in a perfect setting entails artistic skills and a nurturing hand. Not everyone can nurture beautiful plants. It means you’re blessed with a green thumb. Your blooming flowers match well with the design of your 26 year old arbor.

Shona Martinez