Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Un-decorating and Scalloped Ham & Potato Casserole

That's the last photo of this year's tree, reflected in the mirror.

Baby hung out on the bannister and watched me put away all of the ornaments.
Look at her bewildered expression.
There's now a gaping hole where the tree once stood. I'm sure Baby will miss it since she had a jolly good time batting the ornaments the whole time the tree was up. Don't worry, Baby, next Christmas is less than a year away!
While visiting the lovely The Charm of Home today, I came across a great recipe for using leftover ham. It was like kismet since I hadn't yet decided what to make for dinner.
The link above will take you to the recipe, which is nice and easy! I sliced up some potatoes to go with the leftover ham...
... and made the sauce to pour over the casserole.
Everything was then layered in the the 9x13 glass dish...
... and then sprinkled with cheese.
One hour later - voila!
Perfect for a chilly winter night - and I  do -  mean -  chilly!!!


Celestial Charms said...

Our kitty cats get into the strangest places, don't they? That casserole looks yummy!

Maureen Wyatt said...

Baby must think you've taken leave of your senses to get rid of that tree! I was just looking for a good ham casserole recipe so I'll head on over for that one. Thanks.

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

Oh I love that first pic of Baby...and I had bookmarked that recipe the other day for ham, lol! :)

Seems the Christmas turkey gets eaten / used up here faster than the ham. Next year I have to remember to buy a smaller ham.

Susan said...

Oh man, that looks delectable. I'd like some right NOW. Susan

Greg_1948 in_WA said...

I think Baby was just getting used to the Christmas decorations, and now they are being taken away! The opportunity to snag some tasty holiday treat is waning as well. Mine are all gone, as if they never were up. The room does look empty now.