Thursday, October 10, 2013

Parsley, sage, rosemary, & thyme (and Baby)...

One or two nights have been cold enough that I was concerned about losing 
the herbs potted outside on the deck.
I didn't plant sage or rosemary this year...

... but I did plant lemon thyme and parsley, combined in the urn pictured above.

Baby wanted to be part of the photo shoot (as always), so she became the focus in the first photo, with the herbs taking center stage in the second photo.

Of course Baby prefers to be the only focus, with the plants put off to the side.

The Spicy Globe Basil sits on another table in the family room. I use this in my salads, so I didn't want to lose it to an overnight frost.  This plastic planter is immense, so I think I might try to replant it into something a tad smaller (and prettier). I also think that next year I'm going to go back to the large leaf basil.

Nothing to do with herbs, but I thought I'd show you this rustic old plant stand I found at a local barn sale a few weeks ago. The Wandering Jew I bought at a Woodstock yard sale (during our road trip) is now making itself at home on it.

I also brought in some perennial ground covers that we had not yet planted because I thought they'd be fun to have inside the house over the winter.

Turns out, not so much.

First of all, just look at poor Baby and how sad she looks...

As a lot of you know, the jelly cupboard is one of her favorite places to hang out...

... So much so that we eventually removed everything from the top of the cupboard so that she could sprawl out to her heart's content...

... rather than having to perch precariously on the outermost edge.

So this huge planter was just not meeting with Baby's approval at all. But in addition to Baby's nose being out of joint, they also proved to be just too hard to water.I didn't have a watertight container large enough to hold all of the groundcovers, and the pans I had inside this old wood crate just didn't do the trick.

So they were moved back outside (much to Baby's delight) and planted alongside the fence yesterday.  I will attempt to keep this small, flowering plant inside over the winter, but not atop Baby's jelly cupboard.

So that's about all that's new around here this week.
I hope you're all enjoying lovely fall weather, just as we are here in the Northeast!



Suz said...

I always say I am not taking any plants from the outside to the inside..except for the garage
but every year I relent and bring them in
fewer for sure...and the chasing the various bugs that emerge...let the hunt begin!
your puss is so gorgeous as is your eclectic like mine

Lady of the Woods said...

I adore all your pictures! the herbs and your cat Baby. I had a cat named Baby too.....I miss her. Your home is lovely! and this post was fun!

Donna said...

The title should have also mentioned Baby, LOL. We can usually keep our rosemary going all winter, but everything else bites the dust in a few more weeks.

Andrea said...

Absolutely beautiful, Donna.

I have a question for you tho. How do you keep kitties from chewing on the plants inside the house? My kitty "Mistletoe" will NOT leave anything like that alone. I can't have one houseplant or he will eat it & vomit up the greens constantly until I get rid of it. Even flowers I receive on special occasions must be locked up at night & then kept near me during the day, so I can catch him everytime he starts "dining" on them. It's awful.

Maybe some cats are chewers & some are not?

Always love your pictures~ Andrea

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Hiya BABY! It's good to be Star of the Show sometimes, huh! :) You are such a pretty pretty baby :)

The Old Parsonage said...

Love the look of the ground cover, but understand your dilema.

You home is lovely!


Susan said...

I'm sure baby is as happy as a clam now, Donna. Love those plants in the boxes. Susan

Chy said...

Love your pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...

I just brought my geraniums inside and I'm going outside in a few minutes to dig up some herbs and plant them in pots to bring inside! Your groundcover plants look gorgeous on the jelly cupboard, but I know Baby didn't think so. I see a peek of your white curtains with flowers on the edges...they are beautiful!

Deb said...

Love the 'only focus' photo. Deb

Our photos said...

Beautiful and also the cat!
Greetings, RW & SK