Thursday, October 24, 2013

The bay window and the basil plant...

 The sun is sitting lower in the sky these days...

 ... as it passes by the dining room window.

 It remains to be seen if the Spicy Globe basil will adapt to being inside.

When I brought it in last week because of an overnight frost warning, it was potted in the huge plastic container that sat on the deck all summer.

That just wasn't going to work for two reasons. #1, the pot was humongous and, #2, the pot was ugly. This clay pot is much more attractive and a much better size.

So far, so good. I trimmed a lot of 'brown' off the ends of the basil. I think they had already gotten a bit too cold before being brought inside.

This is a southern exposure window, so hopefully it will be a sunny enough location.

(DR light turned on)
About 20 years ago we had this bay window installed in the dining area. Before that, it was just solid wall.

(DR light turned off)
I can't even imagine the dining room without this sunny window now.

The basil plant can't either.

Completely off topic, I've been subbing in addition to painting and transcribing lately. Being self-employed means never knowing how much work - or how little work- will come in each month, so in addition to painting and transcribing from home, I've been subbing lately. Can you guess what day it was at school yesterday? Yes, indeed - Red Sox Day!

I hope you all have a great week!



Betty said...

The basil looks happy in its new pot and I adore those candle holders on each side of it.

NanaDiana said...

That is a beautiful bow window, Donna, and the basil is the perfect plant for that exposure. Beautiful. Have fun subbing!;>) xo Diana

Andrea said...

Donna, your home is absolutely beautiful... and I love that bay window!! I know your basil will too. :)

Autumn hugs~ Andrea

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

I just clipped my basil last night as we were to have a freeze... Love your window / can't imagine not having it either! Wish I had one just like it! :)

lynne said...

I love that window! I would think your plant will love it there.

Susan said...

Hi Donna....The basil plant looks so nice in the bay window.

Gee, didn't know you were a teacher. Good for you. That's a hard profession. Susan

Donna said...

I adore your bay window! Hope you can keep the basil plant going. Our are biting the dust for the season.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Donna! I want to plop on your couch, and never get up. I could whiff basil all day long.

Mary Ellen

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I love the light pouring from your window. And terra cotta pots always make a statement according to me!

Melanie said...

That basil plant looks so pretty in your beautiful bay window, Hope it does well!