Friday, May 23, 2014

Boze Blogoslaw Nasz Dom

 In my last post, several people commented on this vintage house blessing that I'll be hanging in my new studio office. The last photo I shared was terrible (taken in dim light at night), so I took daylight photos today to show how beautiful this piece really is.

"Boze Blogoslaw Nasz Dom"...

... which is Polish for "God Bless Our Home."

As some of you know, 'vintage Catholic' will be the decor in the new studio/office. My dad, who we lost several years ago, was Polish. He attended Mass every morning. The Polish pieces, in particular, remind me so much of him.

This particular piece is framed under convex bubble glass, in a 'hammered' look frame
(which, being vintage, is quite rustic).

Tucked under the bubble glass are dimensional gravel walkways, Spanish Moss, dried flowers...

... and little white fences.

The little white fences surrounding the garden flowers remind me of our own.
(Do you see the camouflaged rabbit right above my watermark? 
He was visiting our rabbit statuary one afternoon!)

Beyond the white fence is a rustic wood gate which leads to another cottage across the meadow.

The wooden gate reminds me of our own.

There is a young girl/woman standing in the doorway to the cottage. In my mind's eye, she is my Polish grandmother, at a young age, before she left Poland to come to America.

I think I could live 'happily ever after' in this beautiful cottage.
One of the features I love most are the diamond pane windows...

I've loved them forever
(which is why we put them in the family room addition we put on back in the 80's!).

Of course 'you know who' had to stop by and see what I was photographing!
Little Miss Curiosity!

There are several of these available online that say "God Bless Our Home" rather than the Polish translation that I have. Just click on the pink 'God Bless Our Home' below to view them. There's quite a variety of prices, frame styles, and even one that features a beautiful winter scene. I bought mine a while ago and the prices have definitely gone up since I purchased mine, but they are so beautiful.

We're also keeping a close eye on our handsome Mr. J.

Our poor little guy has not been feeling well at all since yesterday. In fact, he was at the Vet's office twice yesterday, was there again today. And depending on how he does tonight, he might be going again tomorrow. We are praying that the medicines he is on finally start to work on what appears to be multiple simultaneous health problems that came on very suddenly. I will keep you posted.

In closing, I wish you all a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

May we be forever grateful to those who sacrificed their lives for the freedoms 
our beautiful country affords us. 

May God bless America, and watch over all of the men and women 
who so bravely defend her. I am so grateful to all of you: past, present, and future. 



Suz said...

I love your house blessing
My kitties are curious too....
even when I tell them about curiosity and what it can do

Merlesworld said...

That is such a sweet little picture, almost 3D.
Are those cats in the bottom window.
I hope your little fellow is feeling better soon.

...Madame May... said...

such a delightful post...I did not realize the 3d effect of your home sweet home picture until in close is really special
and your little dog, bless his whiskers hope he perks up soon


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

As on of the fans of that painting I am so pleased to see all of the closeups and detail!

Love the comparisons with your own home.

Hope the pup gets better soon! : )

On a Wing and a Prayer said...

Oh Oh Oh.....this is so beautiful!!! and how perfect that your home in many ways matches this!!! I love when one can look into a picture and truly see it! I found the lil gate being open and the cottage in the drawing me in...I wanted to be in the picture and take a walk!!! Mary Poppins I come!!! just loved!!!

Unknown said...

Donna your pieces are lovely but your own home is truly beautiful. I love how it has all of the elements you love in your special keepsakes. Sure am keeping my fingers crossed for Mr. J. Keep us posted.

Claudia said...

Sending prayers and healing energy to Mr. J. Keeping all of you in my thoughts, Donna.


Melanie said...

Very pretty and interesting piece of art you have there. Is it a family heirloom or did you find it somewhere? I'm so sorry to hear your dog is sick. I hope that he's feeling better soon!

BeachGypsy said...

Oh I do hope your little doggie is feeling much better by today and is well on his way to recovery! Please keep us posted,okay?

Edith DUTERTRE said...

pauvre petit chien
j'espère que sa santé va s'améliorée
des fois les médicament mettent
du temps pour agir
pour nous en France c'est la fête des Mères
bon dimanche
edith (iris) France

Susan said...

Loved that little work of art, Donna. My maternal grandparents were also Polish. It's a lovely find!

And your flag photo is wonderful.

Glad you pointed out the little rabbit! I may have missed him.

Hope your Memorial Day is wonderful. Susan

Donna said...

What an amazing piece. And it is fun to see how you have incorporated design elements at your own home. I do hope that Mr. J is feeling better by now. Best wishes for a lovely holiday weekend, sweetie.

Sweet Auburn Life said...

Really love this idea, particularly as it is a nod to your Dad. Hope poor doggy is feeling better.

Unknown said...

I too love my Boze Glogoslaw Nasz Dom!

It's a piece of art and history that links me to my maternal and paternal grandparents who immigrated here from Poland. In fact, I've discovered that I am related to St Stanislaus Kostka, a Patron Saint of Poland who was invoked for palpitations of the heart Too ironic but I suffer from palpitations.

Beautiful Piece!

Unknown said...

I too enjoy my Boze Blogoslaw Nasz Dom!

Very proud of my Polish ancestry as both my maternal and paternal great grandparents came from Poland. In fact my research into my ancestry has found that I am a relative to St Stanislaus Kostka, a Patron Saint of Poland who