Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Be Still My Heart...

Oh my gosh... I NEVER knew this place existed and yet I've driven by it over a dozen times this past year. You've probably noticed that I'm hitting a lot of thrift shops lately. That's because I'm on a mission, searching for a very specific 'something' which I'll share with you in a future post.

At one of the stores I stopped at last week, it was suggested that I check out Fairground Antiques up toward Keene, NH... Well, if any of you live up that way, it is a great place to spend some time browsing!! And for those of you who don't live in the area, come on in with me and take a look around! (Click any of the photos to enlarge them if you'd like.)

Look at that old birdcage! Isn't it gorgeous?? I had to keep repeating words 3 & 4 of my six word meme: Natural packrat, WANNABE MINIMALIST, Forever Conflicted... Remember Donna, WANNABE MINIMALIST. Stay strong!

But how can I stay strong with all these treasures? Just look at that rocker! Periwinkle blue over a chippy pink and black basecoat... Can you picture how perfect that would be in my living room? The painting over my fireplace has all those same colors!

Remember one of my previous posts about using old windows? Look at these! They have old illustrated storybook pages behind the glass panes... Such cottage charm!

I think we had that old telephone back in the 60's when our telephone number started with two letters! And look at that perfect chippy Mary garden statue!

Oh my - another vintage birdcage, but this one has a stand and it's priced way less than just the cage alone in the first photo!

Wouldn't you have LOVED this when you were a little girl? I'm a very grown up girl, and I still loved it! It was just beautiful in person... my photo doesn't do it justice...

Okay, I really, really tried to be a minimalist... honest I did... But I had to buy one of the items that is pictured above... Lots of the booths were running specials.. 20, 30, 40, even 50% off, so I couldn't pass up a 50% discount. I'll show you more photos of my purchase in a future post... I wonder if any of you have an inkling what it is ?

And the hunt is still on for the specific item I'm looking for... I hate to be so mysterious about it, but it will become clear in a later post... So I'll be sure to take you along when I do some more junktiquing in the weeks to come!



Anonymous said...

Hi Donna I was tagged right before I added my new blog! How are you? I am so honored!
Love your blog!! beautiful!
My 'pink bike' sign I made for a Cape Cod Shop, 'Ruffles N Roses' is in Junes RH magazine..my sign did not get in for shoot because it was earlier..I will post your blog so inspiring!
Denise New England

Marie said...

I think I found my way here from Rue's blog...but I love it! I'm sticking around. I'm dying to know what you got from that thrift store. Looks like you had a whole lot to choose from! Wow!

Anonymous said...

OK...my first thought was you had to have a birdcage! I kept looking and I thought well that garden statue is the right color...but I'll stick with birdcage. That old phone reminds me of party lines...how old am I!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Donna!
Oh my gosh! What an incredible place! If I were close I would call you up and we'd be on our way there!! I have a guess as to what you bought... but will keep it to myself. And yes, we had a phone number that started with 2 letters too! Thanks for the great junkin trip, I want everything there!
Hugs, Sherry
Congrats on your award too! I'm having trouble linking stuff so I cant post mine yet. I need my son's computer wisdom today!

cargol said...

Is it the birdcage on the stand? Ohhh, I bet it is!!! I understand your situation, everytime I go to a flea market or something similar keep saying to myself, I don't need anything!! But it's so hard simply to LOOK!

Attic Clutter said...

Oh that dollhouse and pane windows , + birdcage all are fab ~!!! I am so loving them ..wish I could be a minimalist too .. it is so hard I know I have tried~!!!Somtimes I wonder if I am jusy greedy ~~LOL
hugs Patty

JoAnne said...

I recently found your blog and love it. Thank you for taking us on your shopping adventure!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Oh Donna! I want that doll house! It is so adorable! I would have had a very hard time passing that up, AND the rocking chair!
What a fantastic store! I saw lots of stuff I'd love to buy in your pictures.

Maybe I'm lucky there aren't many places like that around where I live or else i'd have a very hard time being a minimalist too!
Hugs, Pat

Rue said...

Oh those trasures! I wish I would just run into some store that I haven't been in ;) I can't wait to see what you bought OR what you're looking for!

rue :)

Cindy said...

I can't wait to see what it is you are looking for!

I love those two birdcages!

Anonymous said...

Well, to all who thought it might have been one of the birdcages, let me tell you, they were HARD to resist! Especially the one that came with the stand! It had a fairly low price to begin with, and on top of that it was in a "40%off" booth! But I already do have a vintage birdcage on a stand, so I definitely did not need another. Which reminds me, I'll have to do a future post about my little birdcage!...Donna