Saturday, June 14, 2008

The birds and the bees (and butterflies & Chips)

My hummingbirds have finally returned! I have no idea where they were for a few weeks, but the male and female have been all over the yard lately, at the feeders (here's the female last night) and at the flowers. And they're very territorial (just like the Chips!), so they chase each other all around the yard, going so fast that it's hard to follow them with your eyes!

I finally got my foxgloves planted and they have been a HUGE hit with the giant bumblebees! If you look closely, you'll see one of them in the center flower. They land on the end and then walk all the way inside to the back in order to collect the pollen/nectar. They are fascinating to watch!

I'm afraid I don't know much about butterflies but I snapped this beautiful yellow (swallowtail?)on the lantana hanging pot at the front of my patio yesterday.

And last - but definitely not least - I give you Chip.. Foxy Loxy has always wanted a "coonskin" cap (just like the ones Davey Crockett and Daniel Boone wore)... But since I don't allow any hunting in my backyard, I guess he's going to have to settle for a live "munkskin" cap instead!

Chip(s) love to climb on top of Foxy Loxy's head to eat their peanuts... By the way, these are two different Chips. Their coloring is slightly different and the top Chip has a long, narrow tail whereas the bottom Chip has a shorter, fuller tail. I'm getting to be an expert at telling all my Chips apart. And their numbers are growing. I think we have about ten now. Word must have gotten out about the endless supply of peanuts!



Edie Marie's Attic said...

Calling all Chipmunks! Calling all Chipmunks! There's a never-ending buffet at Donna's!!
I love your critter photos Donna! They are priceless and always make me chuckle! My trumpet vine hasn't bloomed yet (getting ready) and that's when they appear. I just bought a new plant to try that humming birds are supposed to LOVE. It's called Black & Blue Sage Salvia Guaranitica. We'll see how it does.
Hugs, Sherry

Anonymous said...

Oh, my husband will be envious when I show him the photo of your hummer! He tries so hard to entice them to his little feeders, but nary a one has been attracted! Thanks for the tag! I have been so busy with the sale I haven't addressed it yet. I hope do so soon.

Adrienne said...

Great photos! I love seeing the flowers and wildlife in your yard. We enjoy watching them in ours. ~Adrienne~

Janet said...

I have tried to send out a message to our Chips to head your way. They are considered delicacies around here; I rescued 2 yesterday, but unfortunately they are not really smart to hide somewhere the cats won't find them.

I saw a hummer a few weeks ago hanging around one of my pine trees..what is that about?? Hopefully it will appear for some delicious Fuschia nectar.


Unknown said...

Those Chips are too cute! I love the one on top of your fox statue.

Anonymous said...

I never can get a good picture of my hummers... I lol at Foxy Loxy and her cap...I just love furry and feathered friends..

Barb said...

What beautiful pictures. I have flower/chipmunk envy-hehe. What a lovely yard you have.

We get quite a few hummingbirds. They seem to like our yard. It could be just the heat getting to them.

I haven't seen a chipmunk for years. How sweet those pictures are.

Have a great weekend,

Jan~Feather Your Nest Antiques said...

Love that foxglove!I planted foxgloves in my garden last year and they were gorgeous.However, they didn't come up this year and I didn't understand why until I read that they are biennuals, like hollyhocks(my fav).

Just A Girl said...

Hi Donna,
I came over from Pat's blog "Mille Fiori" to visit. I know I've popped over from time to time but have never posted a comment. Bad manners...I know. However when I saw your chipmunks I couldn't resisit. They are so cute and the picture you snapped of the butterfly is just darling! I'm glad to hear your hummers are back!
Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

Hi Donna! Our new grandbaby has arrived! Please come over and take a peek!

Hugs, Deborah

Sarah Taylor said...

Those foxgloves are stunning! Your chips gave me a great giggle...thanks for sharing such cute photos!

Michele said...

I can't tell you how much joy I get out of reading your blog and especially seeing all the cute and beautiful pictures you post. It really is a feast for the eyes and makes me want to move right into your yard to live!!! It seems like a fantasy place, and you're so lucky to live in such an exquisite place of beauty with all the creatures coming to visit! I'm glad you share it with all your blog readers!!


Life on the Edge said...

I don't know how I missed this post! I've sure been out of the loop the last couple day! Sure is fun looking at all the nature in your yard and those beautiful flowers!


Anonymous said...

Your chipmunk photos are absolutely adorable! We live in the city and don't see them too much here, but we have a few chipmunk friends at our cottage in northern Michigan. They are so fun to watch.
Mary :o)