Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My shy guy...

Okay... I brought the camera outside today, even though it was nasty and rainy, hoping to catch one of our hummers at the feeder.

I turned the camera video on and said, "Well, I was hoping that..." and would have gone on to say, "... Mr. or Mrs. Hummingbird would stop by for a drink," but I no sooner got the first part out when I realized that Mr. H was already there - and that I had scared him off with my talking and moving!

So, here is the shortest (6 second) video you will ever see of a male ruby throat hummingbird (and he's only in it for about 3 seconds, my shy guy!!) When it starts, he's hovering above the feeder, then he zips down and takes off to the left... Don't blink or you'll miss him! "I promise to keep it zipped next time, Mr. Hummer... "

P.S. We had torrential downpours and high winds yesterday and today so there are leaves and small branches down all over the yard...



Joanne Kennedy said...

I saw him! I saw him! How cute.

I can't believe you had rain. We have been having a heat wave here. It cooled off a little bit today but it was still hot enough that we had the air on most of the day.

It's been so bad several of my flowers have been burned. Not just wilted because they needed water but burned. We water every day and sometime 2 times a day. Poor flowers.

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Michele said...

You're right, that WAS quick, LOL!!! I just love hummingbirds. My grandma had a hummingbird feeder in her backyard a few months ago, but not one hummingbird ever came to drink/eat from it. We think it might be becuase my grandma has a ton of flowers in her yard and maybe that was enough food for them. Who knows, but they sure are a cool bird to watch, aren't they?


nwalker said...

How funny!They are so quick but so beautiful. I hope you have a sunny day today! Enjoy.

Angie said...

i love hummingbirds! how did you ever capture one on film? they are usually so fast! i had a heck of a busy weekend and had to get caught up on your posts...always entertaining to read! ohhhhh, and stop in over at my blog..i have a surprise for ya! hehehehehe....


CountryMouse said...

What beautiful birds - they look to be really quick so you did really well getting him on video. I don't think we are lucky enough to have them in the UK so its nice to see pictures of them during your summers.

Life on the Edge said...

That was an amazing video! They just flit and fly so quickly. One of my favorite memories from last summer is when a hummingbird came to within just a couple feet of my face. It was such an awesome moment to have been visited so close.