Saturday, June 7, 2008

Chip(s) - up close and personal...

Since we live on the vast wilderness that is 1/3 of an acre, nestled snuggly amidst hundreds of other houses on 1/3 of an acre, we get excited over even the smallest sightings of wildlife (yes, even when they are on our patio table hoarding peanuts from a bag I left outside by mistake!).

Meet Chip (he could be any one of about 6 Chips). Up until about 3 or 4 years ago, we never even had chipmunks, and we've lived in this same house for 27 years! I don't know how or why, but all that changed several years ago, and this year we have about six Chips scampering about our yard.

Chips are addicted to "no salt roasted peanuts." They are also very territorial, and when all six of them are competing for the nuts things get a little 'wild' around here! One Chip got flipped into the waterfall fountain during a wrestling match last week but, thankfully, all that was hurt was his ego....

Unlike the squirrels, who will haltingly come closer and closer for a peanut, Chips practically leap into your lap to get their daily dose of peanuts (being provided here by our sweet Courtney).

Once they trust you, they are truly fearless little creatures (Chip and hubby in this photo)... When these little guys see me or hear me calling them (yes, I'm certain the neighbors think I've gone batty), they run to greet me, knowing full well that I keep my pockets stuffed with peanuts. I feel a bit like Sleeping Beauty when she walked through the forest and all the little critters ran to meet her (of course I don't have her sweet singing voice... or her long blond hair... or her tiny little waist... but you get the idea!)

These little guys have been such a welcome addition to our yard (Court took this great photo!)... If they can survive the neighborhood kitties that stalk them (grrrrr), then we'll be in for an entertaining summer (as well as some hefty peanut bills!)...



{oc cottage} said...

Not to neglect your amazing buttons...but those chipmunks are so cute! I never knew they were so friendly...those cheeks full of peanuts are HILARIOUS!!!!
Thx so much for the pictures!


Life on the Edge said...

These are beyond darling! No wonder you love them so much. I had no idea that they would come up to people like that!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh Donna, I want to come to your house and play with the Chips.

I love the photo of the one with the peanut in it's mouth and the one with the big puffy cheeks. So cute!


Michele said...

How CUTE!!!! I want to have my own little Chips eat out of my hand!! Can you pet them, or do they just want to eat and not be touched? The pictutes turned out GREAT...I love that first one where Chip is IN the peanut bag!!


Unknown said...

Your chips are so cute! I get excited too when I see "wildlife" in the middle of town. This year we have squirrels which we haven't had before. We've lived in our house for 28 years. We do get possums (yuck) and raccoons though. God bless your little chippies!

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

Darling chipmunk! Love your photos. Do you know that I just saw my FIRST chipmunk a couple weeks ago at my daughter's home in Virginia? I saw three of them scampering in her backyard. I did manage to get a photo of one of them. They are so quick.

Cindy said...

They are so adorable. We only have squirrels...lots of them!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Donna!
I had a good laugh this morning looking at the great photos of Chip! They are so adorable aren't they? You're going to have to stock up on peanuts, you'll keep the peanut industry in business this summer!
Thanks for the delightful glimpse into your back yard antics!
Hugs, Sherry

joyh82 said...

OMG, what a cute little baby.
He almost reminds me of our degus.
Who love peanuts! I can't believe he let you get so close.

joyh82 said...

OMG, what a cute little baby.
He almost reminds me of our degus.
Who love peanuts! I can't believe he let you get so close.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Loved all the buttons you own in the post below,Donna, but I adore the little chipmunks in this post! How cute! We have squirrels in my nackyard that woukd probably become my best friend if I served them peanuts, but somehow they don't have the same appeal as your "chippies" do! Plus they eat all the sunflower seeds in my birdfeeder.

Hugs, Pat

Anonymous said...

You have some sweet little buddies there! I am so impressed that they will eat right from your hands--wow! They are cute and entertaining creatures!

mgster said... your chipmunk photos! We have many in our yard. Every morning I have my breakfast on my deck and enjoy watching them scamper around. I have been standing guard lately because a fox keeps visiting...he likes my chipmunks too! :(

Between the fox and all the cats in the area, I hope these chipmunks appreciate my being their personal bodyguard! They are the cutest!!!

Rue said...

That is so cute Donna! My mother used to feed every animal in her yard too. Loved those pictures :)


Mary said...

Yes! I LOVE your Chips! I will have to try unsalted, roasted peanuts on our "new" Chippy. What terrific pictures, and your daughter is so pretty! Thanks for sharing your Chip. :)