Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So what have I been up to this week?

Well, we had amazing weather over the weekend and earlier this week. The temperatures even climbed to the high 60's one day!

We lost the majority of our leaves in the high winds of Sandy a few weeks ago, but this clump of leaves outside our bedroom window has been tenaciously hanging on.

An extreme closeup looking through the floral suncatcher on the window.
(Altered with the colored pencil filter on my photo software)

This photo was taken from the deck. It's the same cluster of leaves visible from the bedroom; the leaves still brilliant while most others form a crunchy carpet of brown.
(Photo altered with a watercolor filter)

So what was I doing while all this gorgeous weather was happening just outside my window?
I've been very focused, practically chained to my desk, working on some new designs for my publisher with a "thisclose" deadline! (How's that for tenacity?). Here's a funky little collage combining tiny sections of two of the paintings I just submitted.
(Can you guess whooooooooo they are?)
Have a great week everyone!


Susan said...

Hi Donna..Somehow, I didn't know you did designs. What kind of things to do you submit? For a magazine? Just wondered. Cute owl. Susan

Ruth Kelly said...

Love your owls - they speak to me.

Susan said...

p.s. on Thursday. Hi Donna. Oh, I remember your birdbaths very well. I even put out a bowl from the Christmas Tree Shops after I saw your post.

Unfortunately, Honey Cat goes outside in the summer and I think she scares the geewillikers out of the "boidies." They are scarce around here.

I'm hoping they will come by this winter when old monster cat is in the house. hee hee Susan

Olive said...

Being chained to a desk is never fun in good weather. I have barely left the house as it in the 40's and positively gloomly here. The owl is darling and interesting. xo, olive

Brenda Pruitt said...

You're so talented!

Donna said...

Tenacity is such a great word! And it's a great quality to have. It's like stubbornness, but with a virtue! Oh, those owl paintings look stunning!!! I admire folks like you who have such artistic talent!