Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Things that go bump in the night...

Back in October I heard a commotion out on the back deck in the wee hours of the morning.

I peeked through the curtains and found these two masked marauders up to their nocturnal hijinks!

They kept Baby and I entertained for nearly an hour with their antics!
They had fun playing in the fountain...
... and then one of the siblings discovered the sugar water in the hummingbird feeder...
What a clever little guy! He'd tip it sideways and lap up the nectar as it dripped out the side.

I hope you enjoy this short video of our bathing beauty and sugar water bandit!
Have a wonderful week!


C M Designs said...

What an unusual sight to behold and to think, there were two of the little bandits..
I've had big opposums on my deck but they aren't as cute as the raccoons.
Thanks for sharing the pictures of your "critters".

Anonymous said...

I was soooo happy to see your comment the other day, Donna. I think we've both taken a "visiting slide". . and I am really sorry that I've been away so long! You are one of my very first blogging buddies. . .and I'm glad we still are!

I'm in a major election funk this morning. I'm so afraid for the future of our country and our children and grandchildren. We had a chance to have a leader with morals, true financial success (built on his own) and real leadership experience and a belief in a strong military. . .and over half of the voters didn't see that as important. I'm so heavy hearted .

That being said, your little videos of your nocturnal visitors, Baby in the birdhouse (and in her Halloween costume, and doing tricks!) and the squirrel a blowin' in the wind. . .well, they just perked me up a bit!! :) Plus, I loved hearing your voice!

Yes, it's been a sad time around here with the loss of Frankie. I still can't believe he's gone.. .we was such a sweet, sweet boy. Little Twiggy really reacted to his absence for about two weeks. She quit playing and just curled up and slept a lot. However, she's doing OK now. . .and I'm so happy I have her. . .and I'm sure she's happy she has us! :)

Thanks for the comments about my running! Can you believe I do that? ha ha Sometimes I can't! I ran 3 1/2 miles last night (not fast) to help "de-stress" over the election. I'd hoped to be able to run a 10K in a couple of weeks, but I don't think I will be able to do it the right way. I've reached the 4 mile mark of running. . .but two more miles on top of that will take some time to build up to. I do enjoy the official "races".. .and have met some awesome now friends from it. . .plus, I met a neighbor in our subdivision who is a runner and a doctor and I'm going to start going to her! My current physician doesn't take Medicare....and with Obama Care kicking in, a lot more docs will start making that decision....and I was worried about finding someone now that I'm officially on Medicare. But she's in her early 40s. . .and is still taking us old folks. :)

Gotta get my hubs ready for work. . .lets keep in touch!!

L, Dana

Ruth Kelly said...

They are cute critters but I hear they can be very vicious. You must live close to the woods.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Wow they're big! They are cute to watch.

Melanie said...

What naughty, but oh-so-cute bandits that visited you! Was Baby going crazy watching them?

Paula said...

So cute!

Elaine said...

Oh so cute! I bet Baby was totally excited! I have a feeling these bandits will be back. The sugar water must have been a nice treat!