Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's a Humm Zinger..

 Without a doubt, my HummZinger Mini hummingbird feeder is my absolute favorite! I've had it for years and years.

I even shared a photo (taken a few weeks ago) of a male ruby-throat visiting the HummZinger feeder in our backyard.

I have a variety of different hummingbird feeders located around the backyard. One hangs from the deck, one from the cherry tree, one from the mulberry tree, and one from the swingset deck sitting area.

 I have been saving my pennies and finally decided to treat myself (and my hummingbirds) to some new HummZinger Mini's to replace all of my other style feeders.

When you have as many feeders as I do, cleaning them can be a chore, but not with the HummZinger! 

There are no deep crevices or tubes or ANYTHING! Just smoooooooth surfaces to wipe clean with a dishcloth. Since I'm a bit obsessive, I do use a pipe cleaner to clean the three holes if I feel they need it.

There's a little ant moat in the center that, when filled with water, keeps crawly bugs from getting into the nectar (I have a problem with ants and earwigs getting into my other feeders - ewwwww!)

 In addition to being SUPER easy to clean and "crawly" bug free, the Mini's also take a smaller portion of nectar than a lot of hummer feeders, which is good for me because we don't have a gazillion hummers visiting our feeders and drinking up all the sugar water. We're in a busy neighborhood setting and I'm very grateful for the few "regulars" that do visit our yard (usually 2 females and 1-2 males, but more during migration periods). The sugar water has to be changed often, especially in this HOT and HUMID weather, so having a Mini 8 oz. feeder suits me much better than the larger 16 oz. size (which is also available from HummZinger for those of you who get a lot more visitors!).

The HummZinger design also makes it very easy to watch the hummingbirds at the feeder because there is no cylinder or tube to obstruct the view of the feeding ports. My experience with the hummers who visit us is they often flit from port to port at the same feeder!

And another HUGE bonus - I know that a lot of you are intentionally looking for American-made products. As you can see, the HummZingers are proudly made in the USA! 

So I now have my brand new HummZinger Minis hanging from the deck...

... from the cherry tree...

... from the mulberry tree...

... and from the swing set deck sitting area.
(Even though our yard is small, I have them placed so that there are distinct feeding stations. Hummers are very territorial and will chase each other off if another hummingbird approaches the feeder they're at. By having several, I've watched several hummers sip away in peace, blissfully unaware that another hummer is on the other side of the backyard doing the same thing at a different feeder.)

This little movie was taken right before I swapped out all of my (harder to clean, larger capacity, less visibility) feeders for HummZinger Mini's.

I had been making a little video of the flag waving in the breeze for my 4th of July post when I caught our little male hummer flying in to visit the feeder in the background. Talk about great timing!

And here's a perfect example of what I mean by excellent viewing with the HummZinger Mini. Had my little friend landed on one of the ports behind the cylinder, I would not have been able to enjoy watching him! Thankfully, in this instance, he stayed in view! But with the HummZinger, that is never an issue - it's always a great view!

And let me state in closing that this is my own personal opinion based on my experiences with hummingbird feeders (I started feeding hummingbirds in the early 90's). I've not been paid or compensated by HummZinger or anyone else to write this post. They don't know me from a hole in the wall! But I thought if any of you were in the market for a Hummingbird feeder, the HummZinger or HummZinger Mini would be an excellent choice!



Claudia said...

Now you've got me intrigued, Donna. I have no bird feeders because of all the cats around here. But perhaps a hummingbird feeder might do the trick? They are so quick that I don't think a cat could get them. Thanks for the great tip!

Thanks so much for joining in this week.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

A Humm Zinger is going on my want list~!

Susan said...

I love hummers, too, Donna. So glad you have them coming to your yard. Susan

Beedeebabee said...

I've never had a humming bird I know which to buy! What a great post. Thank you! xo

Donna said...

We may have to get one of those for next year!