Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My drinking buddies....

I just couldn't resist that title for this blog entry!!

Here are some photos I snapped over the past two days and, as you will see, National Geographic will not be calling me to do any photo shoots for them! I swear, I get so excited about little creatures and birds that my hands just shake!! So please excuse the blurry photos (they get even worse towards the end!), but enjoy the sweet little critters who stopped by my watering holes to wet their whistles!

Here's Chip (we have about six of them scampering about the yard), leaning into the waterfall to get a drink....

I had no sooner set this birdbath down at ground level (it had been on a table), when a chipmunk stopped by. I'm so glad I moved it because it has become an instant hit with the chipmunk crowd! Can you tell how excited I was by how BLURRY the photo is? And I swear the critters were the only ones drinking!

Awwww, just look at Chip standing next to the birdie.... "Hmmmm, should I just pose pretty for the lady with the camera or should I get my drink?"

"I think I'll get my drink."

Sammy Squirrel (one of about 2,000 that inhabit my yard) stops by for a sip in the gazing ball birdbath...

... while Samantha Squirrel stretches to get a drink from the robin's favorite bath. (I think I really need to get busy and start planting instead of sitting around watching all my little friends!)

Anyhow, I hope sometime soon I can get photos of the birds that are constantly visiting the bird baths, but for the past few nights it's clearly been the furry crowd!



Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Donna!

Oh the critters are so adorable! They must think you garden is paradise!And I think your photos are wonderful, they really capture the moment. And those critters are fast little guys!

Hugs, Sherry


AHH, how cute ! I wish they were in my yard! Love the pic with Chip next to the bird. Kelly

Ana. said...

What is most beautiful images in your garden! There are no squirrels, so I am very pleasantly surprised, very tender! Congratulations!
Greetings from Spain!

Marie said...

How cute is that?? I especially love the one of the chipmunk sitting next to the bird!

Anonymous said...

Well, how sweet is that! If I could get photos of chipmunks (which don't seem to come to my yard), I'd be excited to the point of trembling myself! You did a wonderful job considering the circumstances. (I enlarged and they are surely cute!) If I could get just one good bird photo, I'd be in heaven! Isn't it scary that women like us would probably never think a rock star or movie star worth asking for an autograph, but we get excited to nearly the point of tears over wildlife? I've seen old video of women swooning over the Beatles or Elvis, and I would never feel that way. But give me a little bunny in my yard,and I'm swooning!

cargol said...

You have made all your little friends very happy!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Donna!

You did a great job capturing the little guys with your camera! They scamper around so fast and are people shy.

Trying to catch up on all the blogs I love! Missed you!

Hugs, Pat

{oc cottage} said...

Ohhhhhhhh, they are too darling!
Naughty, but so cute!

M ^..^

Life on the Edge said...

This is adorable! My favorite is of the chipmunk sitting next to the bird.

I now have a serious jonesing for a birdbath or fountain! I can thank you for that, lol. It's a good thing.

Joanne Kennedy said...

You are so funny Donna! I thought maybe you had a little drinking problem at first. LOL

Thanks to you I went out and bought 3 bird baths. Well I won two on eBay and bought one from Marshall's today.

We don't get chips though. I wish we did.


Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

TOOOOO cute!!

Michele said...

I feel like I'm reading Ranger Rick Magazine when I read these blog entries with all the cute little friends you have! I loved that magazine growing up....and still do, actually. I love how you name them all!


J said...

So sweet! Just soooo sweet! I love the photo of the chippy posing right next to the birds. And your text is so cute and funny!