Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Fonz!

My daughter got to meet her "first love" in person! Back when she was 11 years old, Nick at Nite was always showing reruns of Happy Days and, I mean, who could resist The Fonz? (And he's still so cute, isn't he??)

It just so happens that the week before she graduated, Henry Winkler made an appearance at one of the book stores in Cambridge, MA (doing a signing for his "Hank Zipzer" book series), so Amanda was finally able to meet "The Fonz" in person!! Happy Days indeed! (I asked if she told him about the huge crush she had on him when she was a girl and she said NOOOO!!!)



Joanne Kennedy said...

How fun to get to meet a crush in person!

She will never forget that day.


Michele said...

What a COOL graduation meet her crush!!! That's a great photo of the two of them, too!! Your daughter is very pretty!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

What a wonderful experience for your daughter! She will never forget that moment in time!!
Hugs, Sherry

Beth Leintz said...

I had such a crush on the Fonz too- but I'm older and used to watch Happy Days during primetime. He's still good looking! How fun for your daughter!

maggie said...

What a treat for your daughter!It will be a memory forever.

maria said...

i still have my "the fonz" poster...i will always love him (and potsy) tell your daughter i am soooo jealous!
:) maria

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

This is great, how wonderful for her to meet her "crush".

I saw Henry Winkler on an interview not too long ago and he seemed really, really nice - looks like it here too. She has good taste!