Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our Scrabble Queen...

"In thy face I see the map of honour, truth, and loyalty." ~ William Shakespeare

My mom would have been 82 today. We lost her in 1996 and I swear, sometimes it seems like just yesterday. But we were very blessed to have had her in our lives for such a long time. I know many people are not so fortunate as we were.

My mom had a fantastic sense of humor. She was easy going, quick to laugh, gentle and kind. And she was our Scrabble Queen! This is the fancy schmancy "turntable" board I bought for her many years ago (I highly recommend it if you play Scrabble regularly!). Mom taught my sister and I to play and I'll tell you, she was a hard one to beat!

So, Mom, I dedicate this to you. Most of these are words that remind me of you :) The Q and Z words were tougher to come up with (but I knew you'd want me to use those letters, and you always were the biggest PRIZE in our lives!) And did you notice the Q landed on Triple Letter score and J on Triple Word score? Nice, huh?

What I wouldn't give for one more Scrabble game with you, Mom. Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day!

With all my love,



Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Donna!
What a beautiful tribute to your mom! She is so lovely and what a gorgeous smile! The best part is you will be with her again someday, she'll be waiting for you with a scrabble board of silver and gold!!
Your vintage Mary is incredible Donna! That was an awesome find!!
Happy Mother's Day Donna!
Hugs Sherry

cargol said...

What a lovely tribute to your beautiful Mother! I only lost my Mom last August, but everyday still remains difficult and especially holidays like Mothers Day. Our Moms are watching down on us daily! Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers who are living and departed and with us in sprit!

Joanne Kennedy said...

What a wonderful post today!

I lost my mom almost 20 years ago and like you, it seems like yesterday. She also loved scrabble. Who knows maybe my mom and your mom are playing in heaven as we speak.


Donna Lynn said...

That was lovely! Thank you for sharing about your beautiful Mother with us!

Have a wonderful Mothers Day!
Donna Lynn

Chic Magnolia's said...

That was such a sweet post, I had to comment. My mom loves speed scrabble. I did a mothers day dedication to my mom and grandmother on my blog too. I loved the pic of your mom. she looked so sweet.
Have a happy mother's day,

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Such a wonderful tribute to your beautful Mom! So sorry your Mom is not here to spend Mother's Day with you, Donna, but she is alive in your heart and your memories forever.

I hope you enjoyed the day with your daughters!

Hugs, Pat

squirrelmama said...

What a beautiful section on the web to visit - what a nice hideaway of sorts too, a step back in time. Your posts about your Mom touched my heart. My own Mom is going to be 85, living in assisted living now and not quite the sharp-minded Scrabble player anymore. So it was with great delight when I visited her Friday that I found her trying to play a game with her aide, Marsha. Guess who won? (Mom did, but I'm still not sure if Marsha cut her some slack).
You wrote some sweet memories and I hope you have comfort in them.

Rue said...

Hi Donna :)

That was a beautiful tribute to your mom. My mother loves scrabble too and I can never beat her. What a sweet memory :)

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Donna,
What a lovely post pulls at my heart-strings.

Would you believe I have never played Scrabble in my life? And I absolutely love spelling!

The pictures of your Mom are lovely, she has such a sparkle in that smile.

I lost my Dad a long time ago and I know that longing never goes away but we have sweet memories that live in our heart forever.

I bet you took that picture of her and I can see the love in her eyes.

Unknown said...

Donna, my mom is a Scrabble Champ, too. I rarely win her. She does crossword puzzles all the time. So, her skills were honed early.

Your Mommy was beautiful. I love her smile and smiling eyes.