Friday, May 23, 2008

Paint by Numbers

Oh how I wish I had some of the paint by numbers that I did as a child in the 50's and 60's! Of course I only painted horses back then... in every color, shape, size, and pose!

If you've ever visited my blog, you've most likely seen the vintage floral paint by number that hangs above my fireplace...

And in the dining room, I have this vintage PBN of swans. (There's one just like it up for auction on eBay right now!)

I just love the colors in this hydrangea PBN that I purchased several years ago. I knew as soon as I saw it that it would be perfect over the fireplace.

And just look at the colors of this roses PBN that hangs in my hallway (as an added bonus, it's signed & dated)! Some of the paint has lifted off, but that just adds to its charm. Some of the old frames for these PBN's are just gorgeous, too... this one has the perfect amount of wear and tear...

This is the swan painting that hangs in the dining room. I think swans are so graceful, and the colors in this were perfect for our little cottage. This didn't come with a frame, so I had to purchase one.

I bought this PBN of Mary for my daughter as one of her college graduation presents. She loves the paint by numbers that hang in our house, so I thought I would get her started on her very own collection for when she (eventually - no rush!) moves out! And again, this old frame is just beautiful even though two of the corners are a little out of kilter. (I even told her if she didn't like it, I would gladly keep it (ha ha), but she told me she LOVES it!).

... and I bought her this vintage dog PBN (even though he's a different color, he reminded me of our beloved Mr. O'Malley). And after all, you can't have a collection of just one! I think it looks pretty good in this frame I picked up at Wal Mart.

Yes, I just think these old paint by numbers add the sweetest cottage charm to a room!



Adrienne said...

You have some wonderful PBN's. I never see them anymore. I think that's because so many of us like them. They sure do bring back memories of days past. ~Adrienne~

{oc cottage} said...

Don't tell, but I have one of a kitten!

M ^..^

Joanne Kennedy said...

Those are really pretty.

Growing up my step dad used to do PBN all the time. I have no idea what ever happened to them. When he finished them I don't recall ever seeing them hung up. Maybe he gave them away???

I love the floral and the dog is darling! How sweet of you to start a collection for your daughter. They will surely mean so very much to her and one day she will tell her children how her mom got them for her.


Michele said...

Oh, I LOVE that swan PBN!!! They're all beautiful, but that's probably my favorite!!

I also love that frame you bought at Walmart. Was it a long time ago or recently that you bought the frame? I really like it a lot!


Rue said...

I just love these :) I used to always paint the horse ones too!

Have a beautiful day!!

The Liberty Belle said...

Thanks for sharing your PBN collection. I really use to enjoy doing them as a child and would most likely still enjoy them today...if I were lucky enough to come across one.

Life on the Edge said...

I had no idea that the picture above your fireplace was a PBN! It's really beautiful. I did not realize that these were such pretty pictures!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, I wish I had a few for my house. I always look at garage sales. We are doing our family room in vintage western so I am on the lookout for some horse PBN.


Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

I remember well the paint by number artwork that I used to do. I haven't thought of them in years. How relaxing that would be...I think I'll look for one soon!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Donna!
My mom used to work for the company that made the PBN's years and years ago. She would bring home pictures for my dad to paint when he was recovering from a heart attack. I only know of 2 left,they are boat & dock scenes, which my brother has. I especially love the hydrangea picture over your fireplace!
Hugs, Sherry
Thanks so much for your prayers!

Always Dream said...

My Mother has two in her living room that must be 50 years old. Her brother painted them he is now 94 years old. They are a pair of Asian figures, a man and a woman. Still interested in horses? It is a shame you do not have any of those. I am on the lookout for horse ones, since I own a paint horse. No joke and not meant to be a pun :) I collect horse related items.

julia said...

Oh, your fireplace looks gorgeous - I've always wanted one I want it even beautiful...!

maggie said...

I did not realize either that PBN had such lovely pics. Now I've got to look for them.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I love them, too! I wish I had all the ones I did as a kid. Your collection is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!


Marilyn said...

Donna, that was a lot of fun looking at your PBN's. I did them when I was a kid too--they were horses also. Thanks for letting us take a look at your collection!

Anonymous said...

Well said.