Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Freshly laundered and smelling yummy!

Remember my $1 faded pillow sham from a previous post? Well, it's been freshly laundered and now it smells sooooooo good!

I tried it on the window seat for a while....

...but I think for now I'm going to keep it on the sofa. It's really comfy for laying back to watch TV or read...

Thank you my sweet scented helpers!



Joanne Kennedy said...

You are so lucky to have a window seat. I wish I had one.

But I vote for the comfort while reading and watching tv. Go for the couch. You deserve a rest!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Donna!
Don't you just love the lavender scented laundry products? I do! Sometimes is too frugal with the laundry detergent budget to suit me. But I can't complain because he DOES do the laundry and the housework and the cooking (while I work) Oh AND the yard work... hey, I think I'd better keep working! Love your shammy pillow! Hugs, Sherry

Life on the Edge said...

There is nothing quite like the scent of something freshly laundered! It's one of my favorite smells.

The pillow is darling!

Nerm said...

Anything washed, sprayed, wiped, rubbed on (I could go on and on) with lavendar is wonderful. I have doused myself & my home in it for years. Love the pillow-very shabby chic looking. Luv, Nerm