Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hutch Makeover - From Prim & Proper to Shabby Cottage

This was our dining room hutch three years ago... We had so many projects going on back then, and this was one of them...

Like all of our furniture, this little hutch started out as an inexpensive piece of unfinished furniture. And, like everything else back in my prim days, it was immediately stained dark brown. (How do you like the plywood subfloors that I painted white? After ripping out our ancient wall to wall carpet, we lived with those for 2 years until we could afford hardwood floors last year. I could never do white floors again - too much work to keep clean!)

But about 3 years ago the cottage bug hit me, so this is how it looks today. I also happened to take possession of my Nana's china during that same time period...

So I refer to it as "Nana's hutch" because I have all of her old china displayed on the shelves and stored inside... I placed a favorite photo of my Nana between two dinner plates on the plate rack above the hutch (perhaps taken about the same time as she picked out this china, as she's a young woman in the photo). Below that is a 1950's photo of my mom and Nana (her mom), with my mom's crystal candy dish on the shelf right below.

The glass knobs and rose & cherub appliques really help with the "prim to cottage" transformation! (The large framed photo is my mom and dad in front of their Niagara Falls honeymoon cottage back in 1951!)

I don't know if it is 'proper' decorating or not, but I love having all the photos of Nana's side of the family mixed in with her good china, and I think she'd really like it, too!

Here's a close up of the pattern and a photo of my mom and dad from the early 80's... So thanks, Nana! I love the pattern as much as you did when you picked it out so many years ago!! I think it's just perfect for my little cottage!!



Joanne Kennedy said...

What a darling hutch. I love the "Nana theme". How sweet. I wish I had some china from my grandma. You are sure lucky.

Where you going for the rest of the week? I hope it's something fun!


Unknown said...

I really like the hutch in white with all the pretty china and photos. It just seems more cheerful somehow.

I'd like to rip out my wall to wall also but I think it's just cement underneath. It's time for new carpet.

Unknown said...

Now here you go again with sooooo much inspiration!!! I am so in love with the white and my honey likes it REALLY well too. He doesn't really get into decorating but he sees how bright and cheerful the white makes the rooms.

I am really contemplating painting my cherry bedroom suite white but I am not sure he will go for it yet!!

I love the way you have your Nana's china and pictures together!!

Keep those pics coming!!!!

Deb said...

What a fantastic hutch project filled with all your wonderful collectibles. I love the photos of your precious pets on your sidebar Donna.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Donna, I love the way the hutch looks and how "Nana" is there. The pitcher on the second shelf grabbed my eye almost immediately. I just love it. You did such a wonderful job with this piece and with honoring Nana in such a special way.
Enjoy your day!

pedalpower said...

What a beautiful transformation....makes me want to get out my brush and paint something white!!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I may be repeating this but here goes. I love the way the hutch looks now and how you've incorporated Nana's memory. I love the pitcher on the second shelf, it immediately drew my eye. Great job on the hutch and in honoring your Nana.

cargol said...

Such a loving tribute to "Nana", families are what makes us who we are and if all we have of family members whom have past are photos and memories. They are living on through us! Love the cabinet painted white and the shabby touches!

Janet said...


I love that pattern too, the colors are so pretty. I painted my dining room subfloor black, stencilled around the perimeter and it stayed like that for at least five years before I put the Pergo ( what was I thinking??) down.

Have fun wherever you are going and try to stay cool.


{oc cottage} said...

Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Al I can say, is "forget prim & proper"! That is just amazing!!!!!! You need your own show!

M ^..^

Kathy said...

I love what you did to your hutch. You have a fantastic blog! It makes one feel at home.

Connie said...

As a "Nana" I think I can speak to the issue! I think your Nana would love ya to pieces, my sweet chick, for doing what you've done and honoring her that way! I love the hutch white also. You're a sweet sweet little granddaughter!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna! I love what you've done to your hutch. Your Nana's china is so beautiful and what a priveledge to have it. I think it's wonderful to have your families pictures in your hutch.

I think I remember you from RMS? I'm just sure I remember your precious living room and all your cottage things.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

I love that hutch and it looks so charming painted white!

Hope you don't mind that I tagged you...a short one! Come on over and see what it's all about.


Anonymous said...

Where did you get those darling cherub appliques? I haven't gotten into the wood applique stuff yet, as I don't have anything proper to put them on. But oh, I love those! And what you accomplished! Beautiful! I just wish I had old photos like that. My husband does. And we have them lined in the entrance on the wall.

Rue said...

I love that hutch and it's an amazing transformation! You decorate it beautifully :)


Cottage Rose said...

What a lovely hutch. It does not look like the some one. You did a great job. I think the photos of you Nanas family surrounding her dishes is so perfect. What better way to honor her memory.She would be proud.
Have a great day.
Stop by my blog I have an award for you.

Adrienne said...

I love what you did to your hutch! It's even more special because of your Nana dishes and photos. Just right. And such a nice tribute to a dear person in your life. ~Adrienne~

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

What a great transformation! I love the cherubs. Your family china and photos look lovely together.

Anonymous said...

Your hutch looks great! I love how you have used your Nana's china and the wonderful family photos! I double love the fact that you made your hutch work for both decorating styles. Good work. Have a great break.

suzanne said...

Hello, beautiful hutch makeover and beautiful blog, i enjoyed it all.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Donna!
Your hutch is perfect! I love your mix of china and photos on it. That's what it's all about, seeing the one's we love with the things we love. A perfect mix!! You did a great job on the hutch makeover, the little cherubs are just adorable on there.
Hugs, Sherry

Donna Kay said...

Donna - just spent some time visiting your blog and thoroughly enjoyed it...I love the hutch and expecially the family photos - your Mom and my Mom looked a whole lot a like!!
It was a great visit!!!!

Life on the Edge said...

I remember when you showed this on RMS! I love it as much now as when I saw it then. It's beautiful and you did a wonderful job transforming it. I think all the pictures make it very special and dear. Why shouldn't you keep your loved ones near like that? Very precious.


Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say hello. Hope all is well in your world.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

It looks wonderful Donna! It is so nice that you honor your Nana this way too.

I hope you had a nice vacation.

Hugs, Pat

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Your hutch is just gorgeous !! I love to add appliques and white paint because it gives everything such a shabby cottage look ~
thank you for sharing !

Life on the Edge said...

I have an awards for you! Hope you like them!

I am also updating my blog and am finally getting around to giving you credit for gifting me with the Arte Y Pico award.

Have a great evening!


Michele said...

Wow, what an awesome transformation on that hutch!!! It inspires me to see your before and after pics because I just got a hutch off of Craig's List a couple of weeks ago, and it will be my very first EVER attempt at transforming furniture in any way. I can't wait!!!

I love the appliques you put on it, too. Where did you buy your appliques? I like how you have the pics of your mom and nana mixed with her china and crystal. Thanks for sharing with us!!


Teresa said...

Love the hutch makeover! I have leaned to the prim/country look for years, and in the past two or so have gotten the shabby chic cottage bug. Great job!

Babs said...

Your hutch turned out beautifully, It's the perfect place to display your family photos and special treasures. Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Lovely hutch memorial idea. I love that you incorporate the photos with the time the china was picked out. My Mom just passed at 84, she collected seashells all her life from all over the US. I made a similar display of her walking on the beach at 1948 with her shells next to her photo, in a seashell frame I found at Goodwill. It makes me happy every time I look at it. Your idea turned out just as beauitful, its perfect. Lovely idea and nice memorial to tose we love and miss so.

EllenaElizabeth said...

I just love your hutch makeover. I have been planning on doing this to a pine piece of mine from the 1980's. When we move to our ultimate farm house it will happen. Atm it's sitting in the shed...waiting. Thanks for sharing your makeover.