Sunday, July 27, 2008

The little shed...

Our backyard has gone through many transformations over the past two years. In one post, I wrote about our "Roswell, New England crater," the spot where the old above ground pool sat, and which, little by little, is being transformed into a garden and patio area...

And this is our little shed, or at least a corner of it... It sits next to the old free-standing treehouse. (It seems like just yesterday that the girls would have Mr. O'Malley climb the stairs into the treehouse to play with them...)

We've had the shed for about 2-1/2 years now. It sits where the girls' old wooden swingset used to sit. I suppose this is a natural transition for yards once the children who played there have become young adults; but years ago, the deck was a great place to sit and watch them play on the swings, in the pool, or in the treehouse...

This photo was taken last year, our first summer with the shed. Before planting flowers in the windowboxes, I decided to change the color of the shutters and windowboxes, as we'd only had a small selection of colors to choose from when we purchased the shed. (As you can see from this photo taken late last spring, the treehouse hadn't yet been gussied up with an old window and windowbox... That was done later that summer.)

Since I had picked a vibrant (some might say 'gaudy') green for the windowboxes, I thought it might be a bit much for the shutters as well. Although I'd never seen white shutters on a white house (or shed) before, I thought I'd give it a try.

When all was done, I actually liked the 'white-on-white' look of the shed and shutters, with the only color being provided by the flowerboxes. Just a few weeks ago we put lattice around the foundation and planted hostas on either side of the double-wide doors. (Since they grow so quickly, I'll probably end up separating them from time to time, which is a plus since I have several other areas I want to put hostas into.)

Remember this photo from my "Old windows and flower boxes - a match made in Heaven" post back in May? I was so anxious for my impatiens to grow...

Here they are now. The impatiens really flourish in these northern exposure windowboxes, and the vinca vines now reach the ground. By this time of the summer, my impatiens always look better than any of my other flowers. They don't care if I fertilize and they don't need to be dead-headed... They're actually the perfect flower for a lazy gardener like me!

As you can see, Mary has once again been moved. She is now in her (I think) permanent home under the cherry tree, watching over the garden... Now I need to get out and enjoy this beautiful afternoon as we're finally rain-free for a change!! (And believe me, I wish I could send some of our rain to you gals who need/want it so badly!)



Connie said...

Well, I really like it, sweetpea! The white shutters and green window boxes are lovely. You did a fantastic job on it.

Anonymous said...

Your "shed" looks great---I do love the green window boxes, too. I am also a self-confessed lazy gardener. One of the greatest days in my life was when I discovered "periwinkles" (I think they are a vinca, too)! You can't kill 'em. Then I also added, like you, impatients, hostas, vinca vines---my list grew to include day lilies, begonias and ferns. Just NO geraniums--they hate me. You have a great time enjoying your back yard--it looks so nice and cool. Ours is treeless and facing West so no backyard lounging for me on a nice summer afternoon. I'll just go to my basement (where it's a good 10 degrees cooler) and stretch out on the sofa and take a tiny little nap!

Teresa said...

Your shed is just charming! What a nice space.

Cottage Rose said...

What a enchanting back yard love what you did with your shed. I have one that is in dire need of a redo. I just might barrow some of yours if you don't mind. The green is a great color. It looks very restful and relaxing. Great job.

Joanne Kennedy said...

So cute. I love to see little sheds looking so cute not just the old plain sheds that men prefer. LOL

I bet you have lots of wonderful memories that have taken place on that deck.


carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

Your gardens are as beautiful as your home!

Life on the Edge said...

I think this looks fantastic! The flowerboxes really dress up the little shed. I have a big shed that I should do something with too, and this gives me some ideas.

That treehouse looks like it was so fun! I love the window and flower box on it too!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Donna!

I love love love impatiens! I have a lot of shade and I plant in flower pots (no dirt in my yard) and they are the very best flower for both! They do require a lot of water but their pretty colored flowers are so worth it!

Youe shed is cute!

Hugs, Pat