Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Martha Stewart I'm not!

Okay… I’m coming clean. My house does not always look like the neat and tidy photos that I post. As a matter of fact, it has quite a “lived in” look most of the time. And then there are the rare occasions when it has even looked like this! (Please, don’t anyone call Clean House to report me!!)

This is a perfect example of me jumping from one project to another without finishing the first. Late last summer I decided to rearrange the family room, but before I finished, I thought it would be a good time to reorganize the closets… and then to go through boxes from the closets… and then to do the laundry, and start setting aside things the girls needed for college, etc., etc. The room was in a state of chaos all weekend….

But by Sunday night… ahhhhhh... It was time to kick back and relax in the newly reorganized family room. Spotty definitely approved, and wanted to be the first to leave some fur for me…

And the next day, our sweet Mr. O’Malley, who had a serious love affair with newly decorated/cleaned rooms, also gave his seal of approval. (If you wanted Malley to hang out in your room, you just had to do a top to bottom cleaning/redecorating and it would instantly become his favorite room!) I miss you, boy...



Unknown said...

Love the post LOL! It's great. So honest! Isn't it wonderful after all the stress of reorganizing? Everything is(and mess)properly in it's place (even if it happens to be a new place) and it's just a nice feeling to have everything tidy.

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

LOL! Don't beat yourself up over a room in disarray! We ALL do that from time to time.
And I always make sure to take pics leaving out the messy parts! LOL!

Connie said...

It's adorable, chick! Though I truly find it hard to believe the first photo! Hah.....nuuuuuuuuuu, that's my home at the minute with the remodel in almost full swing. *Sigh*.......

Anonymous said...

I love your honesty. We've all been there. But I have to tell you the room looks great!!


Sarah Taylor said...

It is my personal belief that to clean a mess you must make a mess! This applies to decorating as well! lol You should see my dining room...it took the brunt of the mess after my kitchen redo! Your room looks great! Have a wonderful day!

Shelia said...

Donna, you've just told the story of ME! I do this all the time - I start something and get sidetracked! I'm so glad you're human!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Kim's Treasures said...

Oh thank goodness...I'm not the only one! Love your post! Have a great day!

Joanne Kennedy said...

I beg to differ! Do you really think that Martha doesn't have this problem? How can one clean out the closets without pulling everything out and making a mess in a room? So you are just like Martha.

Your home really is a true cottage and so cozy looking.

I love that rug! Where did you get it? It would be perfect in my office that I'm redoing. So if it's missing one day...well just look here. LOL

Big hugs

Anonymous said...

We all do that....take the pictures of the good not the messy..... all though In have noticed a couple of cob webs after I have taken what I thought was the perfect picture...Oh Mr. O'Mally... oh dear you are going to make me cry again... the sweet ole dear..

Anonymous said...

Oh my Dear Donna; I think I am your twin. lol:} I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one. I am always starting one thing and then moving on to about four others at the same time. I have been that way even in my work. I love your family room it is so lovely and cozy. One day I will show every one my mess,,,,, well maybe. hahahah; Have a great week. Mr. O'Mally. what a special friend you had.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Loved this Donna! With this hot and humid summer, and no air conditioning except in my bedrooms, I have let everything go! About all I do is swiffer the floors because of my long haired cat that is shedding all over. I'll have to do a big "Fall Cleaning" someday cooler :-)

Oh, and the ironing pile has been growing too! LOL

Hugs, Pat

Life on the Edge said...

I love this post! I enjoy seeing that other people out there live in the real world too and that things aren't always perfect. I am embarrassed to admit how often my home looks like room number one, and thats not because I am cleaning up stuff! lol

It sure cleans up pretty though! Love your rooms!


Anonymous said...

My office room looks like that at this very moment. It all started last week when I was looking for a bill, then I started emptying the closet shelves and spreading and piling things all over the floor--I found the bill, but the piles are still everywhere patiently waiting for a new, organized area in which to reside. Miss Twiggy has been roaming around, sleeping on all the piles--leaving HER mark on them. Loved your before and after shots--including your sweet pets. Mr. O looks like he loved to leave his little marks, too!

Angie said...

i love the windows of your house! i remember when i was little..there was this house down the road that had windows like that...we thought snow white lived there...lol.


Melissa said...

Hey, we have the same vacuum and mine is usually in the middle of a mess with the cord haphazardly wrapped up too.
You did a nice clean up job. It has inspired me to do something with our bedroom. It looks like a mess every day except Christmas and Easter (when lots of family come over). Since visitors don't usually go upstairs, because it is only bedrooms, I tend to neglect keeping things tidy up there.
I have some work to do. Maybe I should take some before and after photos when I get around to it.

{oc cottage} said...

LOVE IT! If I wasn't such a slob I'd have had a lot more broken things yesterday...luckily as they flew off the walls, they land on nice soft piles of this & that! :)
Your room looks great! Ilove the dark & light combination!

M ^..^

Leaning Shanty Farm said...

I am SO with you on the whole house not looking perfect thing.

In my blog pics, I always rearrange things so my photos look nice and clean. :)

PS I Loooooove your windows! I covet them.

NnN said...

I'm SHOCKED!!!!!....that we have even more in common than once thought! I have a basement that looks like the before pic...well actually, it would have to be CLEANED UP to look like the before pic....

Unknown said...

OMGosh! LOL! I am sooo relieved! I was starting to think that everyone in the blogishpere was a victim of COD...compulsive obsessive disorder!
Thanks for the realty check!


Cottagecheap said...

One word....FLYLADY!

You will love it. Those of us who want perfect and can never find it...find that we are not alone and there is help/hope.

I am a FLYbaby and proud!

Check it out!